Wine in a Mason Jar.

The past two weeks of my life have been just as ridiculous as drinking wine in a mason jar is. 

I’ve been invisible because well, I had no choice. It’s not that I don’t want to write every day and go on new adventures…. and oh let me tell you, it is not like I have lost my appetite and love for food (VERY much in tact) … it is just that, I have been stuck with different priorities. 

However, this afternoon, priorities went as such..

1. Go to Crate and Barrel – where the most productive thing Court and I ended up doing besides drooling over things we wish we could afford we wish we had room for was not killing a grasshopper on our way out of the store, and instead letting it have it’s own little instagram shoot.

2. Walk the Radnor Trail. (No check mark here…. blame my brain damage for us bailing).

3. Enjoy a little home cooked comfort. 

… actually I didn’t really cook – I more created from what I had without turning on a single burner or dirtying a pan. 

So, let’s be cliche, what goes with my whineeeeyness and wine, but a little bit of cheese! Inspired by one of the new bistro box options (cheese, grapes, bread etc.) spotted at Starbucks this afternoon, I realized I was long overdue for indulging in one of my guiltiest pleasures – the cheese plate. 

I used Cabot 50% Cheddar.

And then…… the best, part, ever. 



Fig Chutney from Whole Foods.

Whole Grain Mustard from Wegmans. 

And the most amazing vegan crackers I’ve ever munched on – Mary’s Gone Crackers (Original variety). Discovered by roommate, they are perfect cheese and cracker crackers. Crunchy and popping with flavor. Find them at Whole Foods too…

The fig chutney with it’s ginger, orange, and apple sweetness, mixed with the grainy salty and tangy mustard, soft creamy cheese, and crunchy seedy crackers.

And wine in a mason jar!!!!! 

(FYI: We only uses mason jars in this apartment. We are the anti-glass girls …. Who needed to spend money on drinking glasses when a case of mason jars was less than $10 and seriously for a dozen and we sware they make everything we drink taste better!)

Credit to my inspiration also goes to a future must buy at Crate and Barrel:

The most ahhhmazing cheese dome that we couldn’t keep our hands off of.


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