This is the day that nev … ends in Tiny Turkey Burgers!

Hi Everybody!!

Last night there was no post because Apartment B had a mandatory 9:30 bed time. At 22 and 23 respectively, we still need bed time… don’t knock it till you try it! It felt so nice waking up this morning with energy for the first time in a long time.

It also probably helped that I didn’t have to be into work at 6 am, so I got to roll out of bed and enjoy a nice bowl of cereal and read up on all the news I’ve missed.

I also did some morning photo editing of the little cupcake cuties…

There is nothing like little hands working so quietly on little cupcakes (the hands being quiet, nott the kids) – I am hoping to finally get a post together once my SmugMug account gets restored (I forget I cancelled a credit card and they closed off my account this month) so as soon as they are done making me pull my hair out I will share all the little morsels of detail from Olivia’s 6th Birthday!

I also made time (somehow some way) to get a great work out accomplished at PSC. In order to avoid the dreaded plateau effect I have been working really hard to up the challenge each day – not to mention, going hard in the gym every day just makes me feel a million times better. 

This afternoon I had the much anticipated photo shoot lined up with my Saxbys Coffee people. For all of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I am love with this company and everything they are about, serve, brew, and create. They provide this area as well as D.C. and beyond with large scale coffee shops that still keeps the love in the product. 

Today’s shoot was focused on the food side of things. Many of their locations have lunch and breakfast menus and I worked with them to showcase some of those items. We shot a few breakfast choices, salads, and this delicious beauty, the tomato, arugula, and mozzarella sandwich on whole grain LeBus bread. Hello gorgeous!

The only way to finish a day I thought would never end is with a dinner of my Tiny Turkey Burgers. Lucky for me, and for grandma, Trader Joes is right around the corner from her house so I was able to stop by  on the way back from the shoot and see her and Aunt Tita AND pick up some delicious lean and local turkey meat. Two birds with one stone, and brownie points for stopping by to give them kisses!

That is my never-fail recipe to make flavorful and juicy turkey burger sliders. Adding mustard into the ground turkey adds a tang and the ketchup adds the sweet. My mom always grates her onion…. so I grate mine. It is amazing that way. 

Before I put the turkey burgers on the grill pan, I toasted my mini multigrain buns a little bit. 

You can find these guys at Whole Foods. A nice smush to them even though they are so small!

I also threw some Trader Joes’ sweet potato fries in the oven… 20 minutes at 425 and they come out crispy and delish.

While the burgers spent their time on the grill pan, I prepped all of the toppings…

Avocado, lettuce, basil, mustaaaaard!!! (I’m addicted), fig chutney, organic ketchup..

Dad came over for dinner tonight which was so nice. He was so hungry after a long day at work so I felt a little rushed as I was prepping everything …. men and their empty stomachs – watch out!

The fries were well done, and the burgers clearly loved my grill pan..

I set us all up at our little dinner table and we were ready to eat!

The avocado was so fresh, and Dad dove right in to mush it all into his bun..

I did my best to stuff my little guys with everything. They were so damn good … it was almost unfair.

Caught ya Daddy! … We have a no cell phone rule when we have dinner together – clearly neither one of us can keep our iPhones out of our hands so it’s frequently broken.

Anyway – another great and crazy day in the life of GtoG girl. 

Check back in tomorrow – maybe some cupcakes and cuties? Or maybe just another delicious dinner idea?

Tata for now.

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