Room for Improvement.

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you already know about yesterday’s attempt to paint away the blues.

As they say, there is always room for improvement – and in this case, that “room” was my bedroom in my new apartment (although I myself need some serious improvement from this pathetic sick sad mess I have been posing to be these past few days). With this room I am  going for the tiny, chic look, and basing it all off of one chair Natalie and I fell in love with while furniture shopping.

I posted this photo to facebook about a week back to ask for help on color choice. 

How ahmazing is this chair?! All Benjamin Moore colors, and all fabulous in their own right… 

It was tough, but I choseeeee ???

 Dusk to Dawn. A perfect bedroom wall color for a room that I will be in from Dusk till Dawn.

After pulling all my furniture to the middle of the room and laying down the drop cloths I bought.. I rolled on the first coat.

That first moment your brush/roller touches the wall is a strange one… Even though you are like Christmas morning excited that 1. you are getting a project done 2. you get to see how the color really looks, you have to admit you think at least 3 times, what if this color actually turns out like crap?

Either way I dove right into it. A perfect day for painting, I had the windows open… breeze blowing in, hair tied back, fabulous ed hardy kicks on, crappy nordstrom leggings, and white jcrew painting shirt – for those 2 hours, my mind was clear. Which is something I desperately needed.

Thank the blue tape Gods for making this process hella easy too. It might drive you nuts as you make sure it is on properly, but once you are all prepped, the project practically can finish itself. 

I had some extra paint left over when I was done, as well as a now not matching green vintage candle holder so I gave it a home improvement makeover too. 

I was hesitant to use the same color but wood always takes paint differently than a wall – something to always keep in mind!

And what resulted was a beautiful shade of purple with the rusty brown metal. Simple and understated, and since I was only painting the one accent wall behind my bed, it is the perfect way to carry the color throughout the room. 

And for the finished product..

In this photo, at around 5 o’clock sun the color is this beautiful deep grayish purple. I love it. It makes me feel peaceful and it certainly makes the room cozy. 

Before I went to bed, I put all my furniture back where it belonged, made my bed (Yes, family that is reading this… I made my bed) and lit the candles letting light bounce everywhere. A perfect paint color decision.

More to come as I find wall art, print  and frame some of my photographs, and hang mirrors and pieces where they belong. 

But in the meantime, how perfect would these curtains be? 

*thank you Fifi Cheek for the photograph*

… One day 🙂

6 thoughts on “Room for Improvement.

  1. I love it Aly! Will keep my eyes open for some coordinating wall art from Italy for you!
    Ciao, mamma xoxo
    (glad to hear that you are making your bed!)

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