Pesto and Peanut Butter.

Good Morning!

Blue skies outside my window as I write this…

Can’t think of a better omen for a good week… No clouds for a change, thank you Jesus!

Certainly not what it was like last night – or yesterday – with the monsoon that just decided to hang it’s head over my world for the day. And I actually drove around in that crap last night trying to figure out what I was going to put out on the dinner table…. at 9 pm 🙂

After doing a drive-by through the Acme parking lot, avoiding the parking spots, and heading home, I decided to make do with what I had in my fridge. 

Pesto and Peanut Butter (and a few tomatoes and fresh basil too!).

These angel hair nests from Aunt Tita were also in the pantry. Why do I need to go to the grocery store when every time I go visit, my sweet little Tita packs me a grocery bag full of food stuffs? 

I threw a few of the nests into some boiling water.

…and as they cooked I prepped the few little veggies that I had. 

Unfortunately the Pesto that I had wasn’t a product of the family recipe … Instead it was the closest thing I have tasted – Le Grand Pesto from Whole Foods. For my readers like Miss Jacquie … this pesto is handmade by Mr. Le Grand himself, every batch. He decided to package it in the little plastic squishy sleeve because it keeps the light out to prevent the basil from getting black. It is also really fun to squeeze out!

I liked the 4 Nut variety when they had a tasting a WF, but there is also a vegan option, an olive, and a sundried tomato. 

I squeezed out some pesto, sprinkled the fresh basil, and tossed in a few halves of cherry tomatoes, and chunks of heirloom tomato too.

Although the pesto is high quality, once it hit the noodles I felt like it lost it’s pop. A few sprinkles around the bowl of grated cheese did the trick to fix that!

And for dessert… The Peanut Butter, and another one of my abbbbsolute favorite Whole Food’s finds – Van’s Lite Waffles.

Because we still need a toaster oven in our kitchen, I decided to take the waffles frozen and cook them on the grill pan. In a normal world, I would have toasted the waffles a little first, and then proceeded with my delish dessert. 

The Waffle Peanut Butter Chip Sandwich. 

Using the best organic PB there is (from Costco, don’t hate) … cover one waffle generously. Then shove a few chocolate chips in the crevices and smush the frozen waffles together into a sandwich.

I love anything burnt, so I let mine get a little crispier on the grill pan. After you feel like they are cooked to your liking, slide the pan off the stovetop and just leave it covered to allow the chips and peanut butter to really melt together. 

Drizzle with Agave syrup, and dessert is served. 

A complete meal, out of Pesto and Peanut Butter!


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