Late Summer Stuffed Peppers.

Stuffed peppers are an amazing meal if you have the time to put them together. For these late summer pepps, It took me about an hour of prep and cook time. So stinkin worth it, and frankly it is because I chose to load them up with so many veggies. Depending on how many you can scrounge up – you could have dinner on the table a little sooner.

Magnificent in color, full of nutritiousness, and really fun to make – they are a treat for me each time I get to dig my fork into one.

Click to Print the Recipe.

You can make them in any season, with whatever veggies are fresh at the market – but these late summer ones might be the best. Even though I wish corn would be in season forever, I know it can’t be, and the plum tomatoes I got from Jersey… there is nothing like them. Summer sweetness at it’s finest.

Don’t be discouraged by the cleaning process. The best way to get the seeds out, if there are many, is to wash them in the sink. Otherwise, there’s nothing a little knife can’t take care of.

WARNING: When buying your peppers, try your best to get the ones that can stand on their own. You may need to shave off a bit of the bottom to make this happen though.

Now, next to cooking them as soon as you bring them home from the market, this is the best way to keep your asparagus fresh. I boiled all of this, but I didn’t need to use all of it.

The peppers, corn, and asparagus are all going to finish boiling at different times – but make sure you have your strainers ready. Drain the peppers upside down. 

Red onions and shallots are up there with my favorite things to sauté. Shallots are AHmazing… These peppers will not be complete without one.

The colors are so appetizing aren’t they?

So, about the Flower Pepper. It is so flavorful, crazy as hell, but delish … If you can find it at your Trader Joe’s stock up. I bet some of you could quote me on the amount of times I have said I don’t really believe in using too much pepper, but thanks to TJ’s I am back on the pepper band wagon. If you are out of luck, just use a bit of regular pepper… I guess 🙂

When cutting the kernels off, don’t skip out on the sweetest juiciest part which tends to stay attached – drag your knife over the cob before you throw it away. 

Add the slivered almonds and corn and cook for a few minutes to toast up the corn as well as the almonds.

Once you add the quinoa, tomato, and chickpeas … taste to make sure salt & pepp are making themselves known … and then get to stuffing! Feel free to mix in some feta cheese to step it up a little bit too..

I’ve seen some people put theirs in a bath of chicken broth, but I think that’s a little much. As long as they are standing in a 9x9x5 inch pan, they will cook perfectly in about 20 minutes. 

Serve them right out of the oven, with a fork, knife, and spoon … and my suggestion is also a side of greek yogurt and a fresh greens salad. Protein from the quinoa and yogurt, and all the nutrients you could ever need from the vegetables. If you are lucky to get your hands on the flower pepper, you will be surprised at how it makes it’s way throughout the filling!

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