Reporting Live from Hurricane Headquarters!

Hi Friends! 

Sunday. WE MADE IT! Armageddon weather week is all over. Woohoo!

So, honestly, I was working so hard the last week – I didn’t really freak out as much as the rest of the world did about the disaster area which was the east coast. I tweeted on Friday that if I had a dollar for every customer that struck up a 2 minute conversation about earthquakes, weather, or hurricane supplies, I could retire right now. And that was a true up until closing time on Saturday.

With the impending end of the world approaching, I spent a lot of time with my little guy this week. We walked every day. I put the gym on the back burner and decided to spoil him with miles of pavement (since the rest of my family doesn’t much care about his under the bed sulking lately). 

What’s so cool about Ash is, he basically walks himself. From 10 weeks old, we went on long adventures. He knows every nook and cranny of my town, and all the neighboring towns, so lately, I’ve been letting him walk himself. He decides whether to turn left or right, and when he is ready to make his way home. I love him to pieces, and if he didn’t have a little knee issue, I would walk him till the stars came out every day that I could. He is the happiest little boy in the world. 

Once I finished up at the bakery on Saturday, I checked into Hurricane Headquarters, as I will fondly rename Apartment B for this weekend. I gathered my thoughts – then of course had to check out, because sweet little Tita cooked me a big Saturday lunch. 

Oven cooked chicken shish kebab (obviously, there was no grilling being done) with skewers of marinated onions and peppers, arabic rice, romaine hearts, arabic bread, and babaganoush. 

Nana, the family weather woman, was on high alert, and Tita had me scurrying through the garden stacking chairs, and taking down hanging flower baskets… It is always fun hanging with the girls, especially in weather!

No little hurricane could even stop Tita from walking me out to my car either. Apron still strapped on, and kitchen towel in tow.. she killed me with cuteness!!

And back at Hurricane Headquarters, the goal was to cook up a storm in order to protect against a storm.

We had some fun cleaning the kitchen to make room for our little storm, and we also had fun taking the trash and recycling out in the storm too.

Introducing Batwoman Courtney… rain coatless, umbrellaless, but rocking one of the sweetest trash bag creations Irene has ever seen. 

We ran shoeless into the night, enjoying every puddle, all the way to the trash dumps.

And back in Headquarters, it was only a matter of time before we had the kitchen upside down again.

Here is what you have to look forward this week – besides decent weather (just checked the app)

1. A post about the handmade/homemade black bean corn and brown rice burgers we had for dinner!


A post about the strawberry blueberry napoleons with a fluffy cream cheese filling we threw together in 20 minutes flat as the lights flickered endlessly. I don’t think I’ve ever made a dessert that quickly… 

And the power didn’t even go off!

And the piece de resistance… a post about the most perfect blueberry bran muffins you will ever see or taste.

Can I tease you with the imaginary smells of cinnamon, apple sauce, and brown sugar? Well, I just did. 

And finally, something Court and I have been talking a lot about. A Yoga Post. 

Today, we attempted to make one with Irene and do Yoga on our back deck… 

But we ended up back in the living room, plugging in some Bethanny “Skinny Girl” Yoga to our TV.

Thank you Irene, for forcing me to snuggle up in hurricane headquarters, a place where I wish I spent more time, and thank you for giving me a reason to enjoy a lot of delicious food, and a lot of great laughs. 

Here’s to a week without Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados… and hopefully, only sunshiney skies!


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