Dinner & Doritos.

Just a little night cap to tell you about another evening of kitchen magic in Apartment B. 

We have a Nile River flowing in front of our entry way from a neighboring business’ sump pump, so this afternoon – in order to boycott fording the river – I waited in the car for 20 minutes until Courtney got off the train. I didn’t feel like crossing the damn thing twice as we are going on 4 days of me soaking my $125 dollar leather gladiator sandals. 

The point of this anecdote… It was 630 pm and I WAS STARVING, watch water gush out of a wall every 5 seconds, waiting for Court to get off the train, wishing dinner would somehow miraculously show up in the car, but an Acme trip was a necessity before I could cross the river and step back in the kitchen.

My stomach was burning and eating itself, and once we finished up in the store, the car ride home felt like an eternity. 

How I could cook a dinner in this delirium is beyond me, but here it is: 

Tonight’s Do With What Ya Got:

Gemelli Pasta with Edamame and White Beans

1/2 pound of Severino Fresh Whole Wheat Gemelli (from Whole Foods … Fo Free from a lovely lady named Suzy)

1 cup of frozen edamame 

1/2 a shallot finely chopped

1/4 of a red onion finely chopped 

1/2 cup of white beans

Juice from 1/2 a small lemon 

Flower Pepper


Basil Oil and Salt to taste

Saute it all up and then dump in the pasta. 

Grate some fresh pecorino romano over top before serving, and there ya have it. 

Dinner in 18 minutes flat – I didn’t pass out from lightheadedness and low blood sugar, and I poured myself a glass of white wine and Court and I thoroughly enjoyed the little creation. 

Don’t forget parsley too!!! Parsley and Pasta … match made in carb heaven. 

But the magic making wasn’t complete just yet. At around 4:30 today I got a little email in my inbox from Court and all it said was “homemade cool ranch doritos” in the subject line. Amazing idea, right?

With a wok full of oil, and a little assembly line system setup, we churned out these deliciously fried chips and dusted them with seasoning that was 90% on point in terms of flavor reproduction. 

I won’t share the recipe because I want to perfect it first, but HOW FUN is the idea to make the addictive junk food your middle school lunch table was scattered with?! 

… I am thinking of doing more junk food posts, do you like the idea?

Like homemade sour patch kids, homemade versions of in a box dinners (I just sent the best friend a great recipe for a quick and easy dinner he can make that is a, thank JESUS, a solution to him buying Hamburger Helper), from scratch oreos and grocery shelve cookies etc. 

Give me some feedback, let me know of other childhood junkie stuff you think would be cool to replicate!

I am going to sleep on it and work on a list!

Check back in the AM for a fun post about another amazing photo shoot I did with Saxbys Coffee this afternoon. 

Can anyone say no to Fall themed coffee drinks?


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