Je Voudrais Un Napoleon, Si’l Vous Plait!

Let’s make a list of all of that is French in my life.

A David Lebovitz obsession.

 Nana and Tita secretly plotting in French at least 5 times a month.

At least 10 occasions of crying at Carrie and Big on the bridge over the Siene in the SATC finale.

… and every other tv/movie reference that makes my heart go pitter patter (Something Gotta Give, anyone?)

5 years of french classes.

A trip to Paris, as an oblivious 12 year old with a middle part.

And another trip, at 15, to the South of France with some awesome kids.

Two times are never enough, the 3rd time is the charm. Here is a recipe as my pinky promise to the world that in the next 6 – 8 months, my far from french ass (pardon my french) will be on a plane to Europe. First stop, the City of Lights.

A Strawberry Blueberry Napoleon.

Click this image to print the recipe!


Making this recipe is both out of my love and desire to learn the art of french pastry making, but also simply because I had some phyllo dough in the freezer, from the Spring, that um, needed to be used.

There was also a hurricane, and two girls trapped inside needing something sweet that perpetuated the melting of a stick of butter and the painstaking process of peeling that is customary with making anything with phyllo.

But actually, brushing butter on dough is always fun.

Dusting dough with a little snowfall of powdered sugar, might be even more fun! … and messy.

In the recipe, it might have seemed slightly confusing when I described the way you score the dough before placing the tray in the oven. Pardon the horrific picture (the lighting at 10:30 at night in a hurricane sucks) .. but maybe it will help make sense of what to do.

And as good as this cream cheese frosting was, with lemon zest all up in it, and all over those sweet summer berries – it isn’t French,

so if you want a real French napoleon, whip up some whipping cream – OR if you want to really get fancy, go for an overnight custard.

Hey there little Labor Day Weekend dessert! Aren’t you patriotic. But seriously, if you need an idea, this is an out of the box bring to a BBQ type of dessert. Just be careful because phyllo dough is very sensitive, and can flake apart at any moment.

I say we start a new trend of flag flying holiday desserts.

We all know how much this whole country doesn’t need another person to make another sponge cake, slathered with another container of chemical cool whip, topped with another american flag out of berries. 🙂

Who wouldn’t want to let their fingers have a go at this flaky pastry and all these yummy berries?!

Alright, I am off to tackle a long to do list that I am already way behind schedule on. 

Considering I just ate risotto for breakfast, am still in my pajamas instead of in the gym, and I had to write this post twice because I lost it the first time, I am thinking this is a day that doesn’t go as planned… but,

C’est La Vie, no?!


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