When I grow up …

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

I am at a 6 month check in point this month. It is good practice to check in with yourself every so often and revamp your goals, realize your blessings, and figure out what you need to change.

Yesterday my Dad stopped by the bakery for a cup of coffee and these were his wise words:

When I grow up I want to be  just like my Dad.

Somehow in that brain of his, which sometimes I think is so unclear, there is this sense of clarity and understanding that is so inspiring, and I only hope one day I will exist in a place of such confidence. I don’t know how he stays so positive sometimes, how he stays so sure of life’s plan, but he does.

So there is my mantra for the next 6 months. Open my arms for opportunity, pursue the goals I have been plotting for the last few years of my life, and get the ball rolling now, because if I don’t this constant that I am floating in, will become the only thing I know. And, my other mantra: really, truly, listen to yourself. we all have a voice inside, that knows the plan, so listen to it.

And as I grow up, I never, ever, want to put my camera down.

Besides being at the bakery every waking minute, I have also found myself at two awesome photoshoots in the last week.

The first … for a brand new grilled cheese concept coming to the area.

They taste even better than they look – this one slathered with apple butter, honey dijon, and sprinkled with rosemary.

And that one, the Classic!

And my second photo shoot was with my favorite people at Saxbys. 

We shot the images they needed to piece together their fall promotional material for their stores. 

That’s hot apple cider!

And this, pumpkin pie CHAI! I have a love affair with Chai … and with fall coffee shop drinks.

It’s amazing what immense sense of happiness I find as soon as I get my camera in front of my face.

All you can do is follow your dreams and see where they take you…


5 thoughts on “When I grow up …

  1. the photos are beautiful and I definitely think you should follow your dad’s advice-one door closes and another one opens if you give it a chance. Don’t stay stuck-now is the time for you to take chances and follow your dreams
    good luck

    • how lucky am I to have people that give me such good advice 🙂 … thanks again Lani for the pep talk. It’s always nice talking to you!

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