National Adopt a Pet Weekend.

It will be two years ago this November that my dad and I adopted the love of our life, Ash.


After finding his listing on and seeing his wrinkled up baby face, it was love at first sight.

We drove down to Maryland a few days before Thanksgiving and met this saint of a woman who had been fostering Ash after she rescued him and his brothers. With 10 dogs of her own, Ash came to us, 8 weeks old, practically potty trained and thinking he was totally cool since he had been hanging out with all the big kids.

See, first hours home, and he even knew how to sit.

She also had him eating organic puppy food, which I loved, and had just started trying to leash train him. I am not saying that all adoption situations are like this … but the individuals in this world that are responsible for caring for all the abandoned, lost, and abused puppies in this world, tend to have a heart of an incomprehensible size. 

Since we met Ash on that November day … our whole life has changed. On the four hour ride home I couldn’t stop looking at him as he slept all curled up, and he made it very clear that the car was his first true love (forget about us at that moment…). He was 15 pounds soaking wet of pure perfectness.

We say it almost every day, but it seems impossible that we ever really lived life before we had the boy. 

He has brought our family closer together, and for what it’s worth, I am pretty sure he is the reason my dad and I didn’t kill each other when I first moved home after graduating. Because of Ash, the family has also created a new language that uses the worst grammar and spelling you’ve ever heard/seen, because we are convinced that it is a way for him to understand us.

I tell you this story – which doesn’t even make a dent in the number of stories I could tell about my little boy – because until the end of the day tomorrow, at all Petsmart locations across America, it is National Adopt a Pet Weekend. 

I am thinking of taking Ash to our local location and see if he can find himself a new friend. Last night I emailed my Dad links to 7 of the cutest pups I could find on PetFinder

and this was his response …  and an example of the language we’ve created, if you’re curious. 

Translated into: “All these boys are cute”. 🙂

… And he’s right. Every puppy is a charmer in their own way!

So if you are in a position to go save a puppy or kitty this weekend, please go to your local Petsmart and do it.

It was the best decision we ever made!

One thought on “National Adopt a Pet Weekend.

  1. I CANT take our little buooyyy!! Maybe it’s time for Ash’s cousins Jack and Jill to snuggle up to a new sibling??? Thanks for getting the word out! xoxox to you.

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