The Little Things.

It’s the little things that help you get through the big things.

But it is the big things that teach you to appreciate the little things. 

It was 3 years ago when I stuck my first quote note on my bathroom wall. Creatively of course, I wrote down a quote I had just heard on a pretty square of paper, and made 4 little tape rolls and stuck it to the wall. And that one little piece of paper has inspired a collection of many little quotes that have come and gone from my walls.

It may seem silly, but those little reminders always make me feel better.

These I saved from my bedroom at my dad’s house after I moved out. Best Friend used to stand and read them aloud when he would come over.. and no one ever asked why they were there – but they always read them. 

I came across Lisa Weedn’s work once, a woman that made a business out of quote art… and realized that I am not the only one that loves the power of a small reminder on the wall. I put an image of one of her pieces in my Nine Eleven post.

(You can click here to visit her Etsy shop and see of all her amazing work.)

And yesterday, there was a sale on of all of her wooden painted pieces. **happy dance**

I decided to buy these 4. I think they will look much more legit than pieces of paper, right?

Do you like? They will arrive sometime at the end of the month (hopefully along with a vintage Hermes scarf I want to frame for above my bed. I am in a bidding war over it on Ebay). I am anxious to see how they will look on the one empty wall in my bedroom. They are 9×12 which is just the right size.

In some ways I have become dependent on reading words and phrases when I need to take a moment to reconnect to a purpose. This week was pretty big in my life (I will share when the time is right) …  and the little things helped me get through it. Smart words from my family members, a good homecooked meal, 30 minutes of Yoga, or of course my little quotes reminding me that I can only control that which I have control over. 

See, the silly little things aren’t always so silly, but don’t always let it take something big to realize that!


2 thoughts on “The Little Things.

  1. ” Never worry about the delay in success because the construction of WONDERS takes more time than an ordinary building.”

    Whatever works to inspire you and keep you moving forward is great. Little by little I know you will get where you want!


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