Point and …. Shoot.

Happy Monday everyone!

Last night I made my way into Philly for my first photography class at Project Basho, up near Fishtown.


It was a BYOO class … Bring your own object to photograph. I brought … 

my favorite Whole Foods multigrain sushi. And then I looked around the table…. My classmates brought toy cars, animated figurines, mickey mouse in scuba gear stuffed animals, and um … a potato masher? No one was under 26 years olds by the way – and most were over 45. Oyvay.

I had the nicest camera in the room, including the teacher, bless his little masters of photography soul – I wanted to link elbows with him and run away into the night with our cameras as far away from the vice grip of the amateur night participants. The man knew what he was doing, but I totally didn’t. Where is my confidence? Why didn’t I just sign up for the advanced class. 

Point and Shoot me in the head. 🙂

That will be the last time I will ever underestimate myself … ever! But, all things happen for a reason, so I will just have to see what pointed me in this painful direction.

On to other new things… The fun bun. 

Give it a minute … think about it … then comment and tell me YAY or neveeeer do this again you silly girl. 

I wanted to try it this morning (thanks for the inspiration Roxy ) after I got back from my walk with Ash.

… He always guides me to places that make me happy. 

And so does the new routine of meeting Natalie at Starbucks every other day to get our work done. Miss Nursing Student that she is has already left me to go save the struggling children in the world… leaving me here blank staring at website design books and listening to the soundtrack of the painfully awkward landscaping job interview going on behind me. I think the guy got the job!

Lucky me, soaking up good karma. 

Okay, back to being busy!


6 thoughts on “Point and …. Shoot.

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and while normally I enjoy it (especially the recipes!), I have to say your post today sounded a little condescending to those of us who are NOT photog masters. It’s ok to be awesome at something, but be humble about it 🙂 PS I personally am a huge fan of the high bun!

    • Katie –

      First of all, thank you SO much for reading GtoG! I wish there were better circumstances that had inspired you to comment – but either way I appreciate letting me know that you’re out there. I am sorry that this post was off putting. I didn’t mean to come off like I was a master of photography or a know it all … really I think I was just frustrated because I have been dying to find a class of peers that I can bounce questions off and share a hobby with. What I should have said was that I was happy to see so many people ready to take the leap into what I think is the greatest artistic expression that there is! Thank you again for reading and for getting in touch – and I think this high bun is growing on me as the day wears on 🙂 … comment again soon!

  2. I vote yes for the fun bun! It’s better than the Lady Gaga bow bun, and Kourtney Kardashians very round ballerina bun, yours is a little twisty with more flavor, just like you! Miss you terribly and never underestimate yourself, you always do great!

  3. well, i;m not sure where you are going to wear that bun?? it may be a little much for the grocery store, but hey, you never know who you might meet there:)
    and you should be teaching a photography class, not attending-go with your gut
    PS thanks for the sweet treat

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