7 Dolla White Wine Risotto.

  Let me tell you a little story about the girl who had a love affair with arborio rice.

It all began many years ago, during an evening at Merion Cricket Club. She ordered the saffron risotto to share with her friend Chris … and from first bite she was lost in love (she already loved Chris, so it was obviously the risotto she went head over heels for).

From that day on she was fixated in the creamy consistency of what she decided was the ultimate comfort food.

For two months since moving into her new apartment, this girl kept forgetting to pick up arborio rice at the market. So one night, while scouring her local Whole Foods – starving, of course – she remembered what she really wanted.

Shopping List

Arborio Rice (duh..)

Low sodium chicken broth

A lemon

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

A handful of assorted olives

A vidalia onion

Plum heirloom tomatoes

A can of cannelini beans

 The 5 minute drive home felt like an eternity.

She put the 6 cups of broth on the stove and then got to work. She finely chopped 1/2 an onion… halved the heirloom tomatoes…. … pitted the olives…. and grated a cup of reggiano.

But then she realized ……… NO WHITE WINE.

It was 8:24. She turned off the broth. Covered the onions, and jumped back in her car. Within 3 miles there were 2 wine and spirits stores. She tweeted: “Help! When does Wine and Spirits close?” … consensus? 9 oclock! woohoooo! But wait, her store up the block was dark, could twitter actually steer her wrong? She sped back down the main street and got to the store right next to the Whole Foods where she was not 20 minutes before. OPEN! She parked right outside the front door only to see…..

Sheesh. The girl couldn’t catch a break. But, she had a check! She ran inside, put on her best pouty face and begged the man in the store to accept it. It was JUST FOR RISOTTO! … But he said he was sorry, no can do.

She went back in her car and started picking up any loose change she could find. And then she saw it, the 6 dollars her roommate had given her to get yogurt. Yes!!! She went back inside and she and this guy kicked it into high gear searching for a bottle she could afford. $7.41 – she could do that, barely. The cash register shut, and she ran out of the store, her 11 cents jingling in her pocket.

That is the last time she forgets to keep cooking wine in her fridge.

Obviously, I don’t recommend cheaping out on the white wine for this risotto, but this bottle of Bearboat was actually really good! It’s always helpful to keep a bottle of white cooking wine in the fridge, so that this debacle is prevented – oh the things I took for granted living at home. (Dad always had two bottle of white in the fridge….)

This risotto was perfect. Extra creamy because of the beans, salty, sweet, with that little bit of tang from the olives. 

Don’t forget – Patience is a virtue. Especially when making risotto – 

Enjoy your Saturday dolls! 


3 thoughts on “7 Dolla White Wine Risotto.

  1. Did you know that the bears names are Mac and Zeke!
    $7 for that wine was quite the deal….most of their wines are in the $15 range!
    Wish I could have some of the leftover for lunch today!!
    there is some leftover, right?

  2. You are so cute!! Love this post!!!! So ironic….the “cash only” at wine & spirits….the same thing happened to me today at the w&s in Conshohocken, except I actually had cash (NEVER do), as did the woman walking in next to me…..Every. single. man. on the other hand…..stood outside shaking their head in disbelief 😉

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