Not So Special- K Chocolatey Delight.

Ladies … and maybe Gents –

Raise your hand if you have fallen victim to the advertising schemes of Special K’s weight loss challenge. 

I will do the grade school hand raise … the low one, where you are hoping the teaching sees your hand for participation purposes,  but you are also hoping it is not high enough for her to pick you because you really don’t know what’s going on. 

I gave it a day and a half before I threw in the towel. But this isn’t a post about how you should not do the Special K challenge – if by some miracle it works for you – please tell me about it. 

A few years ago a I promised myself to give up as much white processed sugary items as possible. That meant almost every cereal I used to think was healthy, to include the Special Ks and Shredded Wheats of the world. Instead – my only pantry choices are those cereals with low sugars, and only evaporated organic cane sugar. Less processed – much better choice. 

So today – I show you my version of Special K’s Chocolatey Delight cereal. On top of adding a few more calories to an otherwise low calorie cereal – from 120 cals in 3/4 cup of Real K to about 260ish in 2 cups of my K – I always make sure I pack my cereal bowl full of protein and fiber. (the only way cereal will ever fill you up …)

1 cup of Arrowhead Mills Puffed Kamut (favorite cereal grain … pretty much ever)

1 Cup of Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s

1 tbs Enjoy Life Mega Semi-Sweet Chunks (dairy,nut, and soy free)

1 cup Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Packing almost 10 grams of protein, enough fiber to make you go poop  WOW (9 grams) and chock full of whole grains, it’s okay to not count the calories and substitute this option for your mornings. If a few more calories mean that I am taking better care of my body, then that’s okay with me. 

You know what else you’re avoiding? Partially hydrogenated Palm Oil and High Fructose Cornsyrup … and a bunch more ingredients that I can’t pronounce. See if you can read them in the Nutrition Facts.

And also, if you haven’t jumped on the almond milk bandwagon, get on it. I am about to start a pledge for all Starbucks/coffee shops to carry it because it not only tastes wonderful, but it has 50% more calcium than real milk, no hormones, and 1 cup is 40 calories. Sorry Moo Cows!


2 thoughts on “Not So Special- K Chocolatey Delight.

  1. How dare you blaspheme my moo cows? You intelligent, culinarily (yes, I know that’s not a real word) knowledgeable, health conscious people can damn me all you please. I’ll take my milk whole, and straight from the utter if I can. So there.

    You know what, I’m not done yet. Ha. If we’re being honest here, the only cereals I eat are those blatantly designed for children under 12. If it doesn’t have marshmallows, swirls of cinnamon on every bite, or 2,569 grams of sugar per spoonful, I’m not interested. A simple rule of thumb; if a cereal doesn’t have a cartoon mascot, it probably doesn’t get eaten. Again, so there.

    Haha. Love you Aly

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