Melting the Midnight Butter.

Alright, so maybe it wasn’t quite midnight … but when you leave for work at 5:45 every morning, 9:30 is pretty late!

Courtney and I love our friends.

You can find them on my bloglovin account, in my search history, in my bookmarks… and all over the web. We refer to them on a first name (URL basis) … our friends are also know as: our favorite blogs. Every night the two of us reconvene at our high counter after toiling in the cubicles and kitchens all day, with bowls of almond milk and cereal. We try to avoid talking about work, so instead we talk about our friends and our favorite posts of the day.

Did you see Cupcakes’ outfit today?

How bout that recipe DailyGarnish put up, I didn’t really think it looked that good …

Can you believe YHL bought cabinets for their office at a dollllllar each?

Or ugh, DayBook. We wish we could take fabulous photographs of ourselves all the time.

… I can’t believe I just admitted all that.

So, last night – with all the usual chit chat we were inspired to throw together a late night post for all you GtoG readers…. hence, melting the midnight butter (like burning the midnight oil … ha ha).

It did melt – I put it in the microwave for a tad too long since there was no way in Tuesday night hell I was going to wait patiently for it to soften.

I had a box of my secret ingredient in the pantry closet, just enough butter, plenty of eggs, and a fresh new bag of organic sugar so it was the decision to bake up my favorite recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. (it’s so favorite that I am not willing to share it, sorry… don’t stop reading! The pictures will make you feel like you are eating them, promise!)

I did switch up my usual drill a little  since I had a bag of White Whole Wheat King Arthur flour. It’s the best, no one can tell the difference when you use it!

I also substituted regular chips for these little guys. Don’t knock em till you try them – you can find the Enjoy Life chunks and mini chips at Whole Foods – they taste exactly the same and are free of processed ingredients!

With the white whole wheat flour, the dough comes out a tad bit darker.

It didn’t make sense to bake up more than a tray … so we decided to stock pile our midnight snacks the right way – 

Single serving, pre-measured little cookie dough balls for more nights like this one…

And they came out so beautifully … 

Definitely, the perfect kind of cookie to curl up on the couch with. Evenly cooked, with the best kind of crunchy outside and a delicious chocolatey soft inside .. the two of us were dreaming of sandwiching them atop of a scoop of freshly made salted caramel ice cream. 


Instead, we just dunked them in what else? …  almond milk


What are your favorite midnight snacks?


5 thoughts on “Melting the Midnight Butter.

  1. Oh man can’t wait for you to tell us your FAV chocolate chip cookie receipe! There are soooo many out there I am really curious to see why it is your favorite…I will be patient and wait for that day to come!
    Great post and my favorite midnight snack is ice cream!

    • I love ice cream too Elanya … and with these cookies it would be even more perfect! And yes, one day, once I feel like I have it totally exact, I will share the recipe … for now, it is still a wonderful work in progress.

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