Time To Be Grateful.

Late night blogging at its finest darlings.

I am snuggled up on the big white couch listening to the thirsty thursday going on at the bar across the street…

and I cannot stop staring at this beauty.

The gold Michael Kors Large Runway watch.

Thank you Cynthia @ the Michael Kors store at the Plaza in King of Prussia!!

An early birthday present I received today from my Aunt Vera.

Vera is the quintessential aunt. She is a mother when I deserve a swift kick in the pants and an honest earful, a best friend at every moment possible, my own personal 911 operator, biggest supporter, and of course someone I cannot imagine my life without.

As we walked out of Michael Kors, I was hugging her and she said to me, “Every time you look at this watch, I want you to take a moment to be grateful.”

I am so incredibly grateful for her.

For my life.

My blessings.

For a happiness I can’t shake, even if I tried.

As I stare at this something so material … a watch too fabulous to keep on while typing … I hear her voice. In this giant face I won’t just see time, instead I will see the scope of all that is immaterial in my life.

I see my passion. Something I am infinitely grateful for.

Something strong enough to tell me to take a leap…

and follow my heart.

I see the people in my life that have made that possible. 

The ones

who trust my talents and my vision…

and provide me with a venue to grow and learn..

The Town Dish.

My favorite Saxbys team.

Barb & Alfredo BYO.

The Peace a Pizza guys.

Lani & Whirled Peace.


And my readers – who keep coming back for more.

Every day I say a quiet little thank you to you all. 

But I am also truly blessed to have the uncontainable love that surrounds me in every moment, 

low or high

from those that I endlessly love in return.

My forever biggest fans.

My family … Daddy & Mommy. Nana & Tita. Grandma. Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Joe. Vera & John & Caleb. Aunt Tina & Uncle Reed & Allison. and the rest of you around the world that tune in every day and read. (Ru, Cynthia, Nicky, Cory, Michael, Greta..) 

Thank you for keeping me inspired.

Now if I could only get all of you to follow in the footsteps of Vera, Mama, and Aunt Car, and COMMENT. I love reading all of your emails, but my comment box would love to read them too. 

and, Natalie. Every person comes into our life for a reason, and we both know how glad I am that I met the person that brought me my best friend. 

 Thank you for always keeping me going in the right direction and for being the greatest friend a girl could ever ask for. 

My bestie. Whether he knows it or not, he motivates me by believing in me. With every big dream that I share with him, he never doubts that I will achieve it, ever. So how could I ever doubt myself?


This week, we skyped (see his big squinty smile up there in the corner) and he watched me bake completely failed brownies in jars… they souffled, tooo many eggs. It’s amazing how close you can make thousands of miles feel.

and Courtney. Whoever thought a blog could bring together two friends? Without your smacks of confidence, creative feedback, and constant support, I am not sure where GtoG would be right now.


Thank you for cheering me on, and for tasting everything I make!

And for all of the other amazing friends that have chimed in here and there with their support and love – Laura, Meghan, Kylie, Jacqui, Ali, Brittany, Meredith, Dani, Cristin, Jenny, Hennah, Nisa, Lauren, Julia, Megan, Ashley, Brittany, Wesley, Danica, Alex…. 

 and most recently, Josh. The brains behind The Jimmy Chitwood Diaries (for all of you sports enthusiasts, or others in need of a laugh) .. the kid is amazing, insightful, and totally sweet on top of all that. Check him out.


Don’t let it take a material good to make you realize all that is wonderful in your life. Thank your lucky stars every day… whether its a day where you have a night sky full of them, or a day when there is just one shining. Appreciate your talents, realize your potential, and use your motivation to chase your dreams. Where there is love, there is endless opportunity. 

As my man Rev Run reminded us of today:

We should all be grateful that we can dream. 

16 thoughts on “Time To Be Grateful.

  1. Aw gee…Thanks for the kind words, Aly (of course I filled up!) and thanks for two other things: (1) going big on my suggestion about gratitude and (2) asking for what you want–more comments. As for me, I feel so lucky that my loving, big-hearted niece includes me in her life!

    • I would be lost with out you … seriously. Thank you for always making time for me and listening and treating me like your daughter – I am foooooooooorrrrrreeeeeeever grateful!!!

  2. You are such a doll Aly 🙂 (total side note, I love and adore your photographs of kids and always wish you were here- or I Was there- so you could shoot my little fam! Someday!) Keep doing what you’re doing. Only good can come. I’ve so enjoyed keeping up with all your ventures on GtoG, FB and Main Line Dish as well. Pleasure to know you!

    • Jacquie I am so glad that through our love of all things sweet and yummy we reconnected. You are such an inspiration and I am proud to know you! Imagine what we could do if somehow we were in the same city? It could definitely be like the dream team 🙂 and yes, I would love to do a shoot of your little family someday!! Thank you for being such a loyal reader

  3. Hello love,
    I adore this blog and appreciate the lil shoutout. Honestly, I look forward to your blog posts and have made a variety of your recipes including the tabouli, best brownies ever, and the homemade granola (nomnomnom!). You’ll be happy to know that I was out at a local DC restaurant, Ripple, which focuses on local, seasonal ingredients (there’s a charcuterie and cheese cart in the restaurant…amazing). The waitress was a photographer and I told her she had to check out your blog as a) someone who appreciates excellent photography and b) a foodie! Be happy knowing you now have a growing group of DC fans 🙂 Keep chasing your dreams Aly and know I will continue to read religiously! xoxo Jules

    • Julia!!! You’re welcome and thank you for the shout out too!! That’s so cool to connect our worlds – that restaurant sounds wonderful …. All you really have to say is cheese cart and I am sold. I have another friend that lives outside of DC so I am thinking one of these weekends I will make a whole trip of it and come see your amazing city (and hopefully you too!). Thank you for reading and for making my recipes 🙂 you’re a doll and I am ever grateful for our insane european adventure that brought us together.

    • And you are a joy too Barb!! I am so glad that we met and have created this wonderful partnership. You are a wonderful mentor for me, and I love our chats. Can’t wait to bring it all into the big blogging world xox

  4. This might just be my favorite post. You are adored Aly, you’re doing amazing work and an inspiration for all! Definitely deserving of that beautiful Michael Kors watch! I am glad you attribute the watch to something more than just a materialistic style icon. Keep up the amazing work and the beautiful photography, I can almost taste those M&M’s!!

    • Love you Brittany!!! You are such a big fan of me and I thank you for that a million times over. I wish we were closer so that I could share all of this with you but I am glad that we can be connected in this way. And thank you for the watch advice (now we are almost twinnys too). xoxo miss you all the time!

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  6. I’ve had a crazy week so I’ve been delayed on keeping up with your posts, but I loved this one and was so touched to see my name pop up in it 🙂 It was so refreshing and helpful to me right now to be thankful for everything in my life, the good and the bad. miss ya al 🙂

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