Heyy it’s a Thankful Thursday.

Welcome to the new Thursday.

You can still be thirsty, but can we also be thankful too?

Let’s start the first Thankful Thursday.

This week my thank you notes would be stamped and mailed to……..

Miss Innerpeach. The credit for this idea is due to her as she was inspired by last week’s post.

All of you who sent me so much love in response to that same post. I was so happy to hear your voices in the comment box. Keep commenting pretty please 🙂

My customers at the bakery. Tomorrow is my last day of work, and without my regular coffees, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and hoagies my days wouldn’t have been the same.

My last day at work.  Opportunity has been knocking and it’s definitely time for me to answer the door.

Almond Milk. Well, that’s all. It’s a drug, I’m convinced.

Invisible money aka Gift Cards. So, I found a whole stack in and old wallet this week and 75% of them were still fully loaded. Like JCrew & Trader Joes!

The Insanity Workout.  I am over two weeks in and o.m.g.  it’s the best workout I’ve ever done. Thanks Shaun T and beachbody for almost killing me every day.

Nail Polish. I’ve been changing my polish every two days. Mini obsession. So happy my nails are back.

FALL! It’s my favorite season. It’s so stinkin cuddly and cozy!

and finally …

Whirled Peace’s froyo flavor of the week. Pumpkin Pie.

AHmazing. You have till Sunday to head to Paoli to snag as many ounces as you choose. I suggest you do that. Or find them at the Paoli Blue’s Festival coming up this Saturday!


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