White Chocolate Caramel Cookie Crumb Brownies.

Alright …  I know I am not the onlyyy one that checks out the bargain book racks at B&N every time I’m there. It isn’t a guarantee that you will always find a good deal, but 90% of the time I walk away adding an extra 5 or 10 dollars to my receipt.

A few weeks ago, this was my find.

Nine dollars and ninety eight cents of pure bizarre. No author, no nada. Just enticing photographs, and a very interesting concept. A visual step by step cookbook – so naturally, I had to pick up the poor lonely guy and take him home.

“Step by Step” has the impression of something being dumbed down but by no means do the recipes follow suit. They are all really creative, from Pumpkin & Seed Twist Breads to Asparagus Prosciutto Wraps and Chocolate Filo Parcels.

The pictures following the recipe for Chocolate Chip Brownies caught my eye first.

A thick cakey brownie, that still looked moist? 4 eggs instead of the more common place 5, struck my fancy!

I adapted the un-authored who knows who wrote it recipe to give you …

Click to print!

I slightly over-cooked mine, so follow my 18 minute direction … or else 🙂

And here is my step by step guide –

Disclaimer – I made these in less than an hour – late night, after a few hours of babysitting the cutest kids in the world, and if I could do it then, you can do it anytime!

First of all, my chocolate of choice.

Like I wrote on the recipe – Next time I am going to replace the godiva salted caramel for the Cadbury caramello chocolate. I would do a little taste test maybe and see which one you prefer the taste of more.

The salted caramel is definitely interesting. As it melted throughout the batter the hard caramel toffee pieces also melt and get all goey in each brownies…. Using the cadbury version you would have more of this happening.

Now, the choice to use the cookie crumbs? This was because I had a few of the left over chocolate cookie sitting on the counter and that little light bulb went off.

Add a little more chocolate, a little more sweet … why not? If you don’t already have a cookie dare I say it’s okay to use the store bought kind but make sure it’s not too soft of a cookie so that it will crumble well. 

Keep the chocolate chunks pretty big .. It’s going to make the brownies even more beautiful when you cut them. 

And see what I mean about the oozey goey caramel…

Now just think about all of those flavors coming together.. 


and you can almost taste how good these were. Especially the middle brownies. I am usually one for an edge or a corner … but this recipe? The middle is where it’s at!

Click, print, bake, and tell me what you think!

One thought on “White Chocolate Caramel Cookie Crumb Brownies.

  1. I made the mistake of reading this while traveling and cannot make them till I return to my home on Monday! I hope I can make it that long they look so delicious and would definitely hit the spot right about now!!

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