How To: The Despicable Me Minions.

So, my life feels like a never ending to do list. Every day … non stop. It is all wonderful fun and fabulous things (with an occasional faux mental breakdown here and there) but it’s A LOT. I know there are days when we all feel this way, but for me personally, there is nothing I love more than peacefully spending the day working on something in the kitchen.

Last weekend, it was these little dudes.

Despicable Me Minion cookies to take over to the little munchkins that I babysit for. They are obsessed with the movie, like most little ones their age (1, 3, 6) …. and then there is me, obsessed – at clearly a much less acceptable age.

Let me first thank my amazing inspiration for this idea, Jacquie from Sweet Jac and Lill. When I saw the photos of the ones she had made, I knew it wouldn’t be very long until I had made them too.

The best part about Jacquie’s creations was that she made them on Milano cookies. She’s a mom, so clearly she has one up on me with being a genius in the taking the best shortcuts department. I bought both a bag of classic Milanos as well as the Milano Melts with dark chocolate filling. Thank you my love!!

So, assuming you would want to do the same, or assuming you have baked up your best sugar cookies and have let them totally cool completely (like overnight) … Proceed accordingly.

Step One:

Make your royal icing.

The recipe is as follows. for about 24 cookies.

In your kitchen aid mixer (or with a hand held mixer)

4 cups of confectioners sugar.

2 tablespoons meringue powder (pick it up at your local Michaels or AC Moore)

A dash of vanilla (like a drip)

6 tablespoons of water

With the paddle attachment set your kitchen aid to low and let the machine do its thing for about 8 minutes. You want a thickening to happen, and the shine to disappear. If it’s too thick try to add water, a teaspoon at a time, until it holds firmly but also is easy to pipe.

Now, prepare.

1. Your piping bags. Make one for each color (WHITE, BLACK, RED, BLUE, YELLOW) … with couplers (allowing you to switch out the tips amongst all the different colors) – food coloring and couplers also found at Michael’s or ACMoore.

2. Your tips (best sizes to use are 1 – 4 in Wilton measurements)

3. Your food coloring. You can mix them all ahead of time just cover each bowl with a very damp paper towel (prevents crust and hardening from happening)

Your choice at how bold you want your icing to be. Start modestly .. you can always add more color.

And when it comes time to getting the icing into the piping bags … Another secret revealed, the glass method.

Stand the bag in a glass, roll it down, scoop the icing in, roll up. Less mess, more precision. And plastic bags are easier too. Use and toss (because isn’t doing the dishes such a bummer..)

Now for the actual MINIONS! I love them. Their little voices, expressions, their HAIR (or lack of), their eye(s),and their cute little chubby ovalness.

Begin with ovalness, and use a #2 or #3 tip and pipe a border around each cookie, leaving room to pipe arms and hair.

You can pipe the arms now or later. Up to you … but allow this to dry before proceeding to the next step.

The fill-in.

You will need a squirt top bottle, and more of the yellow icing that you have watered down so that it will drip off a spoon quite loosely.

Fill the squirt bottle with this icing and fill the center of each cookie with 3 dollops.

Then, using a toothpick, spread the loosened up icing throughout the cookie until it is even. (See, the oval you piped around the outside serves a barrier now!)

They are coming to life!

But before you add the real details, these really need to dry. For almost an hour at least…

When you are ready to continue, fill a bag with white icing and pipe the eye(s) – one or two, your choice 🙂

Once you have piped the last eye, the first one should be dry enough to then get the black accents.

A pupil.

Little goggles.


and little gloves!

Before doing the mouth, you need to pipe on their little blue jumpsuit.

Pipe on enough blue icing so that the outline is there, and then use a toothpick to spread it out evenly.

And now… add your final deets.


Teeth if you feel so inclined.



I can’t take the cuteness. 

And they didn’t even stand a chance with the children. As soon as I bent down to 2 foot tall eye level… hands went straight in the container.

Yes, hands plural. Little Colette had one in each hand, Luke couldn’t stop smiling and asking about them, with blue icing all over his face. With a little munchkin on each side of me, we sat down and watched the movie together. As my Nana and Tita say, I was in 7th heaven. Melting with cuteness.

How could you not when you see that smile…


3 thoughts on “How To: The Despicable Me Minions.

  1. LOVE the effect of the colorful cookies on the baking tray and granite!! PERFECT texture/color combination….and of course…the cookies are adorable and bite-size (which I love)

  2. Hey aly its mere when you come up we should make some cookies but of something we both like.Love those cookies look soooo good.

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