Arriba! Try This Quinoa.

Sometimes I am at a loss for words when it comes to naming a dish I created. 

In this case, I settled for the nothing less than corny rhyme option…

It does have spanish flair, I promise!!

This is the kind of dish you make the day you go to the produce market. The fresher the ingredients the better. 

Also, if you can find them, no salt added black beans are your best bet. Keep the meal simple, and too much salt can really screw things up…

Click to print!

This was probably my favorite quinoa creation that I have thrown together in a long time. The white wine is such a compliment to the sweet onions and honestly, what the heck is better than avocado and lime?

Garnish with parsley and dig in. 

From stove to table in less than 40 minutes!



5 thoughts on “Arriba! Try This Quinoa.

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