On A Constant Sugar High…

This has become my existence for the last few days … 

That is not a complaint by any stretch of the imagination.

How could I complain when I get to spend all day making these…

or these…

Yes, my own hand cut freshly baked goldfish and cheez-it crackers.

What could ever make me upset about slowly watching this batter drip into a mason jar…

And who can guess on a scale of 1-10 how badly I wanted to lick this entire jar (s) clean?

(… 12 actually).

Aren’t they so cute? 

Although sugar and butter is all I have thought about this week, that is such a blissful thing. I never really sat down and considered just how much time and money it would take to throw together such a thing as a completely homemade bake sale (it’s a lot of time and money)… But regardless I am having a blast.

Planning is the most important. 

I made enough cookie dough to sink a small boat yesterday…

And listened to Chef Mama’s suggestion to store it in aluminum pans until I am ready to bake it off. Thank you Chuck for this idea too…

And I also baked up some beautifully delicious Morning Glory muffins a little ahead of schedule. 

I hate the fact that I had to freeze them right away – but 8 minutes at 325 Saturday morning should bring them back to just as good as new. There is no way I will be able to bake everything that morning. 

Tomorrow is going to be the real crunch. 

6 am alarm. 4 batches of cinnamon buns. 

A couple containers of cupcake icing… not to mention lots of cupcakes and who knows how many cookies…

Oh, and a photo shoot!


For all the lucky ones following me on Instagram (@FabulousFoodie) stay tune tomorrow for all the updates on what’s going in and out of the oven. 

… or check my twitter too (@gradtogourmet)

Good Night my darlings.

Here’s to the sweeeeeeetest of dreams.


3 thoughts on “On A Constant Sugar High…

  1. The cookie dough with Reese’s peanut butter cups looks unreal… I don’t know how you made so much sweet stuff without constantly eating it, ha! I sent the bake sale info to my mom & her friends so hopefully they will stop by. Please take many pictures xoxoxox J

    • I snuck a fair share of spoonfuls … But it got to a point where I was so in the zone, I didn’t want to taste! Your mom came and it made my day. Thank you SO much for passing on the word, and let me know what she thought of the cupcakes she got. Next time you’re home I will make those cookies for you. xoxoxoxo

  2. What is really amazing is that you did it all out of your little kitchen Chef Aly! If you have any left at the end of the day bring it with you to Jersey tonight…they will definitely be sold!!

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