One Cause, Seven Hours, A Thousand Sweets…

Hundreds of supporters.

So many faces of the best of friends and family.


3 weeks of planning. 6 days of prepping. Over 40 hours of baking. 3 late nights. 2 early mornings. (at least) 20 sinks of dishes. 2 kitchen aid stand mixers. 3 different kitchens. 1 set of Aunt Tita’s helping hands.

A 25 pound bag of flour. 25 pounds of butter. 5 pound of cream cheese. 4 dozen eggs. 18 pounds of white sugar. 3 bags of powdered sugar. 8 bags of brown sugar. 9 pounds of cheddar cheese. 5 bags of chips. 4 batches of icing…. 

30 yards of ribbon. 30 dollars of packaging supplies…

5 trips to the grocery store. 3 difficult trips to Walmart. 1 trip to Michael’s craft store.

A Do It Myself, hot pink lipstick card stock flag sign…

4 hand drawn facts.

One sign that tells it all. 

Not a moment of panic. Not a second of feeling unprepared. No doubt in my mind that I could do what I had set out to do.

and finally…


all for the kids..

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I thank you. Strength.Org thanks you. 

…. It was a day beyond anything I could have imagined. 

If you tried my sweets, leave a comment and tell me what your favorites were. 

…and stay tuned this week for recipe reveals and more pictures.


8 thoughts on “One Cause, Seven Hours, A Thousand Sweets…

  1. Cinnamon roll(s). Check

    Crumb cake. Check.

    Cupcake. Check.

    Cookies. Check.

    To anyone out there that didn’t go get some of this deliciousness, you’re a fool. You blew it.

    Aly, you’re fantastic. Thanks for doing this.

    • Josh … thank you for single handedly attempting to solve childhood hunger. Amazing. I won’t make you wait too long till you get another chance to enjoy my goodies …. I’m so happy you liked everything. Did the disney fans enjoy their goldfish?

  2. Yum, Yum, Yum. As I said to you: Great idea, great planning, flawless execution. Very well done! My/Our faves were the cinnamon buns, morning glory muffin, gold fish. Now, I’ve got my work cut out for me after a weekend of treats! xoxox and many thanks Aly!

  3. Unbelievable – The goldfish were my favorite. SO. GOOD. AND salty AND perfect. Yum I’d say I want more but gosh darn those would be a dangerous snack to keep around 😉

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