Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos.

Did everyone have a nice day off yesterday?! I know I did… I decided against posting because I wanted to be present with my family. I have been up in New Jersey since Saturday visiting my Mom. Yesterday was the first of several birthday celebrations I will have this week. Call me old fashioned, but some of my most favorite birthday times are with my family.

This particular Mexican Fiesta my mom threw together for me was amazing. The pulled pork tacos … perfect.

The recipe she used, she adapted from a food network recipe. Every time we are together, we always say how there are so many recipes we want to try, but we never get that far… so yesterday, was a brand new recipe, for a brand new dish that turned out beyond delicious. Like, so delicious that even though we ordered pizza for dinner last night, I was sneaking handfuls of the left over pork into my mouth before I even had a slice. It was so juicy and tender, and everything she made to go with it (I will fill you in on that too) was all exactly right. 

Click to Print!!

The prep and cook time amounts to about 4 hours so leave yourself some time. Mom made the pork Sunday night, shredded it Monday morning and we had the fiesta for lunch. 

My grandma and Aunt and Uncle came over with my little cousins to share in the party with me. 

There were kale chips. 

A sweet potato, pineapple, and cilantro salad. 

A big beautiful mixed green salad with avocado, peppers, and corn. 

pickled red onions, guacamole, salsa, and blue corn chips. 

And of course, throw it all together with rice and beans, and Aly is happy!

I could probably eat rice and beans every day of my life without a complaint. Mom made a pot of brown rice, which is even more delish. When it came to plating everything, the more hodge podge it is, the better. I love everything combined. Especially in my taco, throw it all in there. 

The salad, the beans, the rice, the lime cabbage, the salsa, the yogurt sauce, and tonssss and tons of pickled red onion. You can have all of my favorite flavors, sweet, salty, tangy, all in one. 

My little baby doll was my photography assistant for the day… I gave her my little Sony point and shoot camera and she captured the day from her perspective. 

There she is photographing my big plate of rice and beans. 

It’s so much fun to have all the family together like yesterday. It is such a novelty when they live 2 hours away.

And no Birthday celebration is complete without a cake. This one was a vanilla cake with a vanilla pastry cream filling and vanilla buttercream from Whole Foods. I really am not a huge fan of Whole Foods cakes, but this one was good!

Thank you little family for making my day so fun and special. 

Check back later to see my little girl’s pictures from the day, as well as to see the fun trip that we took to Chef Central. 

Who has a Chef Central near them?

Lucky ducks. Clearly better than heaven!

6 thoughts on “Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos.

  1. Looks like such fun and delish too! Your mom’s a great cook…what a wonderful birthday treat. Looking forward to the little one’s pix, xox

    • no leftovers unfortunately! Mom and I completely forgot to pack them …. but hey that’s why I had fro-yo for dinner! The orange juice is the best part of the recipe … definitely make these soon

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