My World From A Different Set of Eyes.

 I love that I spend my life behind my camera.

However, you know those things called non-negotiables. Yea, future bf, hubby, baby daddy, willingness to click is one of those non-negotiables… or letting me teach you how use a camera works too 😉

Not too much to ask, right?!

 On a daily basis I capture and fall in love with so many wonderful moments in my life and the lives of others. That is my favorite part of what I do… I take split second moments and make them last forever. Pretty sure that’s the coolest job ever, but maybe I am a wee bit biased hehe. But sometimes, like maybe once in a while, I wish I could jump in front of the camera and be forever in that moment too. 

For now, my little 9-year old protege does the trick. On Monday I let her take my point and shoot and make it her own for the day. 

Here is her perspective. From her 9-year old eye level, taking note of things she watches her Aly take note of like….. food… and people! duh.

These are my favorites.

Pictures of her dinner plate… A necessity.

 Kitchen accessories …

Big smiles. 

All the yummy sides.

Sneaking pictures of me in my instagram glory.

pictures of all the beautiful colors that made their way onto our table…

and of course a little self portraiture.

and maybe I stole the camera once or twice … 

how could I resist that. Sorry Uncle Joe, if she has a shoe habit it wasn’t allll my fault.

But I think she had the most fun during our trip to Chef Central. Endless photo – ops!

a coookey looking dough whisk had us pee our pants laughing…

and we stared at the jewel tone stand mixers for a few minutes too many, and I drooled over the metallic pink glass bowl varieties till I came back down to earth.

But the gifted goodies I chose were even more fab. Like the beater blade … The kitchen aid paddle that has spatula edges!!! Stop it … Can’t wait to try. Thanks Aunt Car and Uncle Joe. 

Yet at the end of the day the cuteness award goes to the little one herself … 

My future side kick in whatever path my life takes. She can be my photo assistant or my cuter than words sous chef. 

Adorable. I tell her to never get bigger and so far her little self has listened … but it’s fun to think of what it will be like in 5 years, when she will actually be able to understand the workings of a camera, or even how to help me put together a recipe. The fun has only just begun …. 


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