Apple Slice Sandwiches.

Happy Sunday to my readers! East Coasters … How gorgeous has this fall weekend been? I have been doing a lot of work around the apartment, switching my wardrobe’s seasons, etc with all of our windows wide open. Picture perfect weather. The neighbors have wind chimes, and this weekend they have been making the most beautiful music. Couldn’t ask for a better smile maker!

So I think in all my chit chat about how much I love Fall I have neglected one of my absolute favorite excitements of the season. APPLES. I know we can get them all year round, but it’s just not the same. Those meeealllyy soft summer apples, blehhck! In the Fall, it is perfectly normal for me to enjoy at least an apple a day. I bring them with me on my afternoon errands, or sometimes I will start the day with one sprinkled with cinnamon. And for Thanksgiving, an extravaganza in my home worthy of Bon Appetit coverage, I adore making my favorite Apple Pie. And Dad, he makes homemade apple pear sauce (oh em gee).

And then there is my mama who introduced me to a new way to enjoy apples last weekend. Only my mother would come up with this kind of Apple creation. Her creativity in the kitchen is something I hope I grow to have. ….Introducing Apple Slice Sandwiches. My new go-to apple and ____ (fill in the blank) butter combo. Whether it’s peanut butter, sunflower butter, almond butter, these are fun snacks you can take on the go or enjoy for a snack or dessert. 

You need a sharp knife or a mandoline to make sure that you can cut your apples into thin enough slices. This is my new little guy, Michael Graves at Target. I love it, very versatile and has all the blades you need.

Cut the core out first, or when you get to the core, flip and keep cutting. You should get about 3-4 little sandwiches from one large apple.

Then the fun begins. Top them with accessories of your choice.

Raisins. Crushed Peanuts. Mini Chocolate Chips. Or just leave them plain!

You could also dress your sammys up with caramel sauce, cinnamon and sugar, peanut butter chips, crispy cereal, or a crushed up Luna or Cliff bar (like their Peanut Butter Chocolate chip one!)

The crunchier the apple the better. 

And be ready to cut up another apple… These little sandwiches are that good!

Thanks Mama for this fun idea! It was just like being back at the kitchen table with my after school snack. xo

So darlings …. What was your favorite after school snack when you were a kid? Or, if you have little ones, what are their favorites!

6 thoughts on “Apple Slice Sandwiches.

  1. This might be my favorite recipe yet! Growing up I’ve always been a picky eater. You say bananas and peanut butter, I’ll pass. Even on the PB&J I was not normal when it came to the typical little kid after school snacks. I may or may not have the longest list of ingredients that I won’t eat; however, this recipe is exactly what I can stomach!!! Apples and peanut butter was my after school snack and putting mini-chocolate chips on them or cinnamon sugar etc. is officially genius. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.

  2. As I said you will always be my little girl!!
    Don’t forget the other yummy family apple dish….apple salad with yogurt, honey, toasted almonds and raisins…xoxo

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