Love’s Kitchen (and a giveaway)!

Introducing this week’s obsession,

you can find it in your “new movies” collection, my little Netflixers.

A British film made for gourmands, food lovers, and romantics alike, Love’s Kitchen is positively adorable and truly inspiring. The plot is predictable but in that perfectly acceptable, feel good kind of way. The actors are all lovable, and, if you didn’t fancy a man in Chef whites before, you will as soon as the first scene comes to a close! It’s a tear jerker at times, leaves you LOLing at others, but mostly it is a film that has your mouth watering at some beautiful examples of English cuisine. And oh, the kitchen! The kitchennnn!!! A huge farm table sits in the center, where all the prep is done.. one day.

I am sure you will have no trouble falling love with this movie as I did, but what I really can’t get out of my mid is the Chef’s signature dessert, a Trifle. It looks divine. Each character that gets a spoonful between their lips has the reaction that every professional and amateur alike wishes for. Just sheer bliss. See for yourself …

And now, I want input from each one of you to help me find the best ever Trifle recipe.

Please comment below and leave a link to a great recipe or give a cookbook suggestion and tell me what your absolute favorite dessert is I will choose one of you to whom I will send a yummy gift package to thrill your sweet tooth!

You do the searching I do the baking… not a bad trade right?


Giveaway ends Thursday 10/20. Open to all my US readers!

6 thoughts on “Love’s Kitchen (and a giveaway)!

  1. Can I enter? Not sure if there is any fine print saying ” persons related to the blogger are not eligible to enter this contest” !!

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  3. What a lovely review, thank you so much. Will post a trifle recipe next week on our Love’s Kitchen FB page or in due course on our website when we overhaul it next month.

  4. Hmmm… One of my favorite desserts is seasonal to fall and very special. It’s actually something I only get to eat around holidays. I’m still working on perfecting the recipe, so I don’t think I’m eligible, but I’ll share nevertheless….

    Think of a ravioli shell (fresh pasta), stuffed with a chocolate and chestnut filling, fried, and topped off with sugar.

    The dessert is customary in mountains of Le Marche & Abruzzo, in Italy. It’s prepared around this time of the year (Chestnut season) and enjoyed through the holidays as a special treat.

    As I mentioned, I’m still working on getting the best translation of the recipe, (silly metric system and different availability of ingredients) but here’s a video of some kids making it in a small village in Italy. Everything is in Italian… but if you watch, you can get the gist of the preparation.

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