Homemade Goldfish & Cheez It Crackers.

I attribute my undying love for goldfish to the amount of babysitting I have done in my life. Do you know many times my hands have dug into the same aluminum lined paper bags that tiny germy drooly little hands just found their way out of? Zillions. All I need is a handful and that serves as my fix for the day. There has never been a time, not a diet I have been on, not a promise I could ever make to myself to stay away from them, that has ever kept me from having my handful when the opportunity is made available. In college, when I was feeling naughty, they were the first thing I picked up late night from the convenience store. Most recently, at one of my dreaded stops into Walmart to get a few boxes of too wonderfully priced to say no to Softasilk flour, I picked up the little mini milk carton of the fishies staring at me in the check aisle and treated myself to an afternoon snack that smiles back …. although my smile was totally bigger that day.

I guess you could call it a problem, but I call it a love affair. So when I saw the recipe for Whole Wheat Goldfish crackers on Smitten Kitchen’s website that day in March, I knew I had found my new best friend.

Her recipe calls for whole wheat flour….I couldn’t see myself taking that short cut. If I’m going to do it, I am going to do it right. That’s my motto in life. I also did a careful study of said paper and aluminum bags and tried to figure out what the seasoning was that would make my attempt at these fish even more exact.

Can you keep a secret better than the little ones in my life? Smitten Kitchen missed out on a bit of important flavor.

Dry Cultured Buttermilk… You can find it here, or at your local Whole Foods or Supermarket baking aisle.

Click to Print!

A wordy recipe, but an easy one when you get the process down. Depending on the temperature of your cheese and butter, your dough may be a little more malleable than you wish, that is why I suggest that you put it in the fridge before the rolling pin hits it. 

You do need a food processor for this recipe. You could try it with a hand mixer, but I am not sure if the dough would come together in the same way. 

Copper Gifts is the site where I bought my goldfish cutter. After shipping and handling it comes out to around $15.00 for the little mini guy. If that sounds a bit crazy to you, try the recipe first but make the cheez-its. All you need for that is a pizza cutter and a wooden skewer! 

Having a large spatula on hand also helps when dealing with the dough. The more time it spends outside of the fridge the softer and stickier it gets.

Those are the two tools I used to make my fishies come to life. A peeler and a wooden skewer. The peeler makes the indent of the smile, the wooden skewer adds the eye. You want to poke the eye all the way through each fish.. Smitten Kitchen’s advice for the best way to keep them from getting too puffed up. 

They are the snack that smile’s back right? 


Trust me, all the cutting and poking and prodding is worth it once you get a that first smell of what’s cooking in the oven. These fish taste almost exactly the same if not better than the one’s in your pantry right now. 

They were a huge hit at the bake sale and an even bigger hit with all the little kids in my life. Not to mention the adults…. Mom, the only woman in my life that didn’t feed me gold fish, even snuck one of my baggies into her pantry. Caught ya mama! 

I hope you will all share this recipe with those young and old in your life. They are so much fun to make together and if you package them up nicely, they keep for about a week!

… And don’t forget to leave a comment on yesterday’s post! Either a recipe or just tell me what your favorite dessert is and you can have your chance at receiving a a gift package from me of some of my signature sweets (and a bag of these little guys!)

5 thoughts on “Homemade Goldfish & Cheez It Crackers.

      • Agreed! Adorable! But also… delicious… and so very creative.

        I remember on the way home from the bake sale. As I ripped that bag open, I thought to myself, “Self… this is soooo creative!”

        Very creative idea, Aly!

      • I think I should have called them – Grown Up Goldfish … because all the adults in my life are hooked more than the little ones.

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