The Day My Camera Fell in Love.


 As promised, here at the photographs from this Saturday’s Food and Drink writer meet up at R2L restaurant. The restaurant itself is located on the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place on 16th between Market and Chestnut streets. A truly hidden gem, the luxury of your dining experience begins as soon as you board the single hidden elevator at the back of a corridor that takes you to the restaurant lobby. A unique experience in that way, but also a special one because of the endless views of the city that are at your disposal from any table in the place.

We were seated in one of their private rooms for the duration of the food photography chat. 

The natural light was ideal for photographs. I could only dream of having great exposure like that every day!

After Chef Stern spoke to us, and photographer Eric Mencher gave us a few tips and told us about his experience in the the food photography industry, out came the stars of the day. 

The Food. 


(From Top to Bottom: Several photos of the plated entrees & Donut Ice cream sandwich, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Smoked Salmon Brunch pizza, Steak Tartare, Sushi sampler, and Roasted Rabbit)

And there was dessert … like I have never seen dessert before. Wheeled out before us was a cart full of gorgeously plated individual bites, from gingerbread with ginger marshmallows, to pumpkin cupcakes, blueberry lemon tarts with lavender marshmallows, oatmeal cookie sandwiches, and chocolate peanut butter cups in a glass. 

Creativity to take your breath away. From the petite lavender marshmallows to the mini pumpkins nestled into buttercream frosting, I was told that the pastry chef keepps a Willy Wonkaesque mindset as he works. Very apparent, and very appreciated. My camera clearly fell in love. 

Thank you again to R2L for this lovely opportunity, to La Phemme Phoodie for putting the whole event together, and to Visit Philly and Philly Homegrown for creating such a neat support system for Philadelphia foodies. 



18 thoughts on “The Day My Camera Fell in Love.

  1. Gorgeous! You’re a natural, and that’s not something that can be taught. I hope you continue to develop your gift and find more outlets. Beautiful work! Xox

  2. Wow!!! That looks amazing!!!

    Photos 1432 & 1456 are especially awesome shots. With fantastic depth / perspective. 1429 is just fun… with the plates in a train and the people crowded around the table, and the girl photographing.

    Are the little “racks” of meat the rabbit or are they lamb? The desserts look amazing!

    What are the purple bricks on top of the gingerbread cakes? And what are the disks in the middle of photo 1459? Some type of chocolate chip “cookie” baked in a special torte dish?

    Your camera may have fallen in love… my belly has fallen in love! Haha

    Great photos, Aly!

    • Jake, you’re the best! I love your attention to all my fine details that I think no else but me is paying attention to!! Yes, those little racks are lamb, and the purple bricks were this delicious amazing never had something so yummy grape jelly candy.

      But, the cookie. Well, it was ooo-kay at best. It’s a cute idea to bake them in the torte dish, yet I am not sure they achieved proper moisteness when doing that. It was a really dry and chewy cookie.

      Thanks for being such a big fan 🙂

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  4. I love the title of this post! I’m so glad you enjoyed the meet-up. You captured some tasty pics. I like that you switched it up with a few black and whites. It was great to have you there. Hope to see you at the next one.

    • The meet up was really really awesome! I can understand why you were still so excited about it days after – what a perfect venue and a great group of passionate people. What’s not to love. I learned at 12 years old in a black and white dark room so it’s hard for me to avoid throwing in the photoshopped kind where I can. Thank you again for everything – I had a lovely time!

    • As did yours – I love the perspective you took on many of them! And oh what a beautiful font you are using – great to have snapped away with you 🙂

    • Thank you Betty Ann! You were so much fun to talk to – and I love the picture you took of the fork and spoon configuration. I totally missed that neat sculpture staring at all of the beautiful food. Look forward to seeing you again – but in the meantime I will be reading!

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