Feel Good Friday.

Welcome to the weekend loveys! Time to spill all of your spooky plans for the next two days. Any cute costumes in the works? Fun holiday theme parties? What kind of candy did you buy for your trick or treaters?? My personal faves are sour patch kids and mini reese peanut butter cups. Yum. Have you ever made your own PBcups? If you need something fun to do this weekend, check out my recipe for how to make them at home. I myself try to forget I know how to make them because they are oh so addicting. 

Take a look at my fun project for the weekend! I will be babysitting my three little munchkins overnight, and a graveyard cake is definitely on the to do list. I am thinking of adapting the idea and to use a collection of cupcakes instead of a cake or pudding – I love the idea of chocolate covered strawberries as pumpkins, white chocolate covered nutter butters as ghosts, and milano tombstones. I always have so much fun with little helping hands… 

Now for this week’s feel good friday clicks!

for those of you reading on iphones, ipads, or in emails… click the bold word

Food 52 shares their favorite 8 homemade halloween desserts.

Why didn’t I think of this!

As if I could fall any further in love with Anderson Cooper. Food+AC = Love.

Learn how to party like a … Culinista?

How bout doing as my boy Irvin does and host a homemade  ice cream social with friends?

Get into the mind of your favorite Chefs. Don’t mind if I do(wnload).

George Banks’ house and therefore, my dream house, is for sale. 

Have you ever seen a WAVE of WINE? Yea, neither had I. Woah.

For my city readers: make your bike totally steal proof.

Twinkle Twinkle little flower.

One of my favorite vintage Apple commercial. 

And finally …. 

cookie that will send you to rehab?

Have a relaxing weekend my little boys and gouls.


images from Bon Appetit and The Special Recipes.com

5 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday.

  1. I loved so many of your great links…and the cakes look delectable. How about the switch plate thing and the personalized bike and that apple commercial is inspiring. I remember when it ran. I’m loving your Feel Good Fridays. Oh, and the cornflake cookies…could you, please (when you get a moment)! xox, V.

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