a sweet cake for a sweet girl.

I never thought I would have stories that truly define the word baffling. I never thought I would have to add the stories of the last few weeks to my own. But I also never thought I would find so much love in one little cake for one little girl.  One little girl that puts a smile on my face with every little word, and every big smile. That is why, when her mama asked me to bake a birthday cake for her 2nd birthday, I knew it was just the thing I needed to brighten up my baffling days.

The only guideline? Pink.

A cake as cute as my little Colette. She is a pint size little lady, with a personality as big as her appetite. I love watching her munch on her bowls of snacks, and studying her mastermind climbing skills as she gets herself on top of the kitchen counter to sip on her sister’s left over hot cocoa… she is my kind of girl.

A 9-inch yellow cake, with my best ever buttercream frosting. The piping was tedious, and of course time consuming, but it was a perfect way to get my meditation in for the day 🙂 .   As I made my way around the base of the cake, I knew that finishing this cake with classic buttercream flowers was not the right way to celebrate this little girl, so chrysanthemums it was. Hot pink, and my newest obsession, I loved how they looked, like gems next to her name!

But one cake wasn’t enough for Miss Coco.

The babygirl deserved her very own sprinkle smash cake. 2 layers, with a classic buttercream filling, this one was all hers. Hands, tongues, feeties… face? Whatever she wanted to put in it, there were no limits. Also – it is a great safeguard against baby spit that you know goes everywhere as she tried to blow out her candles!

The sprinkles? A combination of all of my favorites. 

Isn’t it munchable?

Your smile is contagious babygirl … 

If you only knew. 


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