Ginger & Spice & Everything Nice!

My head is so deep in the mixing bowl right now I am surprised I am even finding the time to write down my thoughts.

It’s midnight, I’m exhausted. Too exhausted to even remember what I actually did today.

I just snuck one of my gingersnaps out of the tupperware for my midnight snack. Certainly can’t forget that I made those today. They are sooo good it’s SILLY. Snappy and spicy with that thing that molasses does to a cookie. If I don’t stop I will go sneak another one.

The purpose of making them besides the obvious – tis the season – is that I need to make a bunch of different crusts that require gingersnaps to make an appearance. I have an order for a pumpkin cheesecake, there is another pumpkin cheesecake for my family dinner, and then a traditional pumpkin pie in the works.

That orange box of generic ginger snaps in the supermarket aisle just doesn’t do it for me. I mean it does, if it has to. This Thanksgiving it doesn’t have to. I am in no mood to turn down my secret ingredient either.. crystallized ginger. yum!

The recipe for these cookies comes from this cookbook. My dad picked it up one day a couple years ago when he met the author at the Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia. Everything I have made from it has been beyond words good. Her old fashioned gingersnaps included.

They are so spicy, and just plain hard to break (and say no to).

The ingredients are simple, no fancy mixer needed. No softened butter – just melted – and the fresher the ground ginger the better. Aunt Tita’s tip: keep your ground ginger in the refrigerator.

After the dough spends some time in the fridge… and this is enough dough for about 70 or 80 cookies – double the recipe – use a teaspoon to break off chunks and roll them into small balls which you will end up covering in granulated sugar.

Kitchen tip alert!! Ready for the best way to keep your eggs from rolling off the counter – excluding the obvious bowl option.

Cute right? Any chance I have to foolproof my kitchen … I take it. My dad uses a word in arabic for me that translates to “the girl that breaks everything”.  Thanks to Dad I am also the girl that has a complex about it.

But anyway, a lot more than just snappy cookies went down in the kitchen today.

There was dried bread for stuffing. No white bread here!

Custard prep for the best homemade ice cream eva.

Oh so slow oven roasted tomatoes in olive oil.

And some candied pecans. 

And let me tell you about how full circle things went – with a day that starts with cookie dough, it must end with cookie dough.

6 pounds of my best ever chocolate chip cookie dough. 

I am hoping that dessert this year turns in to the open house that it is tempting to be. Not including the whole gang that will be here already, we have also invited some good friends to join in sharing my dessert cart … the more the merrier. And more excuse for me to bake all of my favorite things. 🙂

Keep up to date with my Thanksgiving pinboard. I have been adding great new ideas throughout the day. 

Time to catch a few winks… 6 am alarm to head to the Farmer’s Market to go pick up the birds and the herbs.

3 thoughts on “Ginger & Spice & Everything Nice!

  1. I am so sorry that I didn’t steal a couple of those cookies for the road. They’re my new favorite treat. The best ever! Thanks for all your creativity, generosity, hard work and focus on doing for others! Can’t wait to taste the rest of it! Xoxox

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