A Sweet Trip: Philly to New York.

A Sunday in New York City. Let me rephrase, the most beautiful December Sunday in New York City. 

The weather was like from one of those fall days that you wait so patiently for at the end of every summer. Driving through town I noticed every little beautiful thing about that Sunday – the brunch (OUTSIDE, EVEYWHERE), the babies, the strollers, the joggers, and the smiles. 

And add to my gorgeous Sunday, an afternoon at the Free People location on the Upper East Side. The best kind of day for an event. Cue my mini sweet treats, glitter and sequins and DIY ornaments, drool-enducing cords and knit sweaters… and the faces of so many old friends and new friends. 

Vanilla & chocolate cupcakes. Cinnamon buttercream. Hand cut goldfish crackers. Iced sugar cookies. Chocolate covered strawberries. Mini chocolate chip cookies. 

All homemade to help the 3rd avenue store kick off their holiday coat drive.

Check back for recipes tomorrow. But in the meantime…

Good night, New York. Back to Philadelphia in the AM. 


One thought on “A Sweet Trip: Philly to New York.

  1. WOW! Looks like a successful weekend on all fronts. Congrats! I love the decorations–use of that slate paper and “free people” decorations. Great job. Travel safely. xox, V.

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