Handmade Holidays: Christmas Ornaments.

I have always dreamed of having a house full of Christmas trees – all decorated with different themed ornaments.  

I have also always lusted after fake white christmas trees. Should I have kept that a secret? 🙂

If I had the time this year, I would totally spend the day decorating an entire tree with these gorgeous homemade ornaments – an idea I scooped up from this weekend’s Free People event. 

Do you want in on the fun? Well, you should! All I wanted to do was sit at that table all day churning out ornaments. The crafty accessories were endless… Buttons, bows, cloth flowers, ribbons, thread, knitting yarn, paint, GLITTER, feathers and more. It was a color enthusiast’s heaven … let alone a do it yourself heaven. 

And did I say that there was glitter. Because, there was glitter. The best kind of glitter, Martha Stewart glitter. I have been trying to find a reason to spend the $25.00 on one of her kits. They are so neat!

But what was even more fun to use, were the actual ornament component. In the past I have used clear glass ornaments – painted them, or filled them with trinkets, but these are oh so much better. Plastic, that are split in half, and click together in place, making your options in decorating them endless.

You could stuff them, paint the inside of them, or just leave them whole and decorate the exterior. 

Buy a set of your own in assorted sizes and get to decorating here! I promise, you won’t want to put your paint brush or your sequins away.  

And speaking of color – a beautiful video, by a beautiful girl studying color. You’re amazing Miss Ali. 

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