Handmade Holidays: Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Lights

Today was one of those cozy days. Those never get out of your hello kitty PJ days. The kind of day where you eat a bowl of cereal at 3 o’clock and that was your first meal of the day kind of days… Rain does that to ya.

So, on a cozy, it’s okay to get glitter and paint all of over your PJs kind of day, I decide to relax and enjoy and afternoon of DIYing.

After a weekend of baking, I had a bunch of extra cupcake wrappers hanging around. Normally I would shove them back in my giant under bed bin (yes, I sleep atop my baking supplies – sweet dreams, duh.), but this time I had a better idea. Inspired by something I saw in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living – I wanted to use the wrappers to just up the very predictable strand of christmas lights that I know we all having laying around these days.

Along with the cupcake wrappers, I grabbed a few other awesome crafty things.

Glitter, Martha Stewart all surface paint, white feathers, clothespins, ribbon, yarn, and adhesive spray.

For this project I recommend buying a strand of coloured christmas tree lights with white wires. I used a strand of 100 (which is A LOT). First try your creativity on a shorter strand.

This string of 25 is battery operated & LED… which means you can put them anywhere!

You will want to try something different with each light- but here’s how to begin.

Vary the size of your cupcake wrappers. Mini/Regular/Large.

Cut a small hole, using a hole punch – so that it is just big enough to fit over the light.

Flatten out the wrapper, and then get fancy.

Either cut different shapes out with scissors, or use different color paint to add some texture to each wrapper.

Then spray adhesive becomes your best friend and your worst enemy. Use gloves if you have them, trust. me. or you will have worse than kindergarten elmers glue hands that literally stick to ev reeey thing. If painted, let the wrapper dry a bit before turning it over and applying a coat of spray adhesive to the back of the wrapper. Keep it in the center by the punched hole.

And continue creatively designing each wrapper until the entire strand is covered!

Using the clothespins, feathers, and different ribbons & yarn, accessorized up the wire in between each light. Tie a bit of yarn here, or clip on a few feathers behind a light – giving the illusion of leaves for each flower-like light!

The reflection of the lights on all the glitter and gorgeous colors, just makes the already beautiful lights even more magical.

String them on your christmas tree.

Or drape them over window moldings to make any space super fabulous (at any time of the year!)

I let my strand make my office space even more warm and cozy. 

Just another fun project to make this holiday season one to remember!

Tata lovies! 

Tomorrow… FOOD!

8 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays: Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Lights

    • Yea MAMA!!! Let’s do it. I’ll come … oops (NO FREE TIME!!!!) waahhhh I wish we could. I’ll come Sunday morning till Monday! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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