Christmas FUNfetti Cake… from scratch.

It’s amazing what getting into an argument with a guy will do to a female. Me being the female in this case. 

Start my day with a text gone wayyy wrong at 7 am, and instead of going to the kitchen and grabbing a big glass of water, I go in the refrigerator to take butter out so it can start softening. Call it emotional eating, stress baking, whatever it is, it happened and it happened oh so gracefully today. 

My bad morning of texts somehow coincided with a similar bad morning for one of my bffs, which resulted in an hour long phone conversation, all the while I one handedly crafted a stand mixer bowl full of nothing other than the batter for a batch of homemade funfetti mini cupcakes. Fun right? (ha. pun very much intended). Red & Green Christmas funfetti of course. 

Any red and green sprinkles work – as long as you don’t use sanding sugar, as it melts and bleeds.  

But you can’t just throw them into the mix. The secret is to coat the sprinkles with flour before mixing them into the batter. This way, it is easier for them to stay suspended in the cake batter, and not just sink to the bottom. (the same tip goes for placing chocolate chips in brownie batter. Coat them with cocoa powder to bake your best brownie)

Obviously – I made these cupcakes seasonal, but use whatever sprinkles you like! Lot a hot pink funfetti cake? Sexay.

click, print!

Creaming the butter and the dry ingredients first is a great cake technique used by Rose in the Cake Bible. I have eyed it for a while now – and I think it definitely makes for a much fluffier and lighter cake. 

Take note of the time amounts I mentioned in the recipe. They are important. Overmixing is a no-no. Trust me, you want to see how fluffy and fabulous this cake turns out to be. 

Finish your batter by folding in the sprinkles with a spatula. Don’t use the stand mixer. 

This cake is really such a surprise when it comes out of the oven. If you loved the box version – which yes, I admit I do – thisrecipe might, maybeee, change your mind about boxing it from now on. It’s light, only a few steps, and I LOVE that it is solely egg whites. And the higher quality your vanilla, the more it will leave you in love. 

Cuties, aren’t they!?

I decorated mine with a classic vanilla buttercream today, and threw on some iridescent white sprinkles. Just like a little snowball! 

All it takes is a stand mixer solve my problems – at least for today. Who knows what tomorrow morning will bring – so tonight, I am leaving a few sticks of butter out just in case….

Cheers to the sugar, butter, and the a**holes in our lives! 😉


2 thoughts on “Christmas FUNfetti Cake… from scratch.

  1. Just think…. you turned something lousey (i.e. texts) into something wonderful (i.e. cupcakes)! Sounds like a good outcome to me…

    And so clever… coating sprinkles in flour…

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