’11 Holiday Gifties. To: the Girl that loves her kitchen.

Love, the person that loves to eat her food.


1. Farmer’s Market Basket. ($20.00) @Anthropologie     2. Stress Cupcake ($3.99) @PerpetualKid     3. Sugar Cones by Virginia Sin ($3.99) @Generate     4. Baker’s Twine ($8.95) @Crate and Barrel     5.   Yellow Enameled Lemon Squeezer ($12.99) @Chef Central  6. Raspberry Ice Artisan Stand Mixer ($349.99) @Kitchen Aid     7. Culinary Basil Growing Kit ($69.95) @Red Envelope     8. I love u like biscuits and gravy dish towel ($10.00) @House 8810     9. Biodegradable Paper Straws ($5.61) @Amazon     10. The Essential New York Times Cook Book ($21.02) @Amazon     11. 15 Piece Plus Breakfast Set ($7.99) @Ikea     12. Cuisine Couture Apron ($32.00) @Anthropologie     13. Le Creuset 9QT in Dijon ($305.00) @Board and Basket     14. Digital Recipe Reader ($200.00) @Neiman Marcus 

Maybe this gift guide was slightly swayed… in the direction of things that this particular little lady would like? But maybe not.  😉 Either way, the aspiring or already accomplished chef in your fam or circle of friends will surely love any of these under the tree. Especially the New York Times Cookbook. I have a feeling that all of Amanda Hesser’s hard work will one day be an equivalent must have in the kitchen like the Joy of Cooking is. 

Coutdown to Christmas Eve. 

13 Days. 


decorating the tree tonight. 


One thought on “’11 Holiday Gifties. To: the Girl that loves her kitchen.

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