Handmade Holidays: Gingerbread House Edition.

You guys, we’ve just reached a totally new level in our relationship. 

Wait, I needed to delay it a little bit with the buffer barnyard. 

This… is what brings us to a whole new level. 

… The HAIR…. and the purple velour scrunchy on my wrist!!! ScarYYY.

Alright, 10 words too many about my awkward phase, cut to the reason I even bothered revealing my 12 year old self, the gingerbread houses.

I don’t know if any of the Christmases I remember, was a Christmas without a gingerbread house. My sister and I looked forward to it every year when we were little ones. Aunt Tita would prepare for like a month before the big weekend – big weekend being a whole 2 day sleepover where we stuffed our faces with candy, licked our fingers clean of royal icing, and ended up with 2 (or 3!) gorgeous gingerbread houses. 

I remember loving the idea of chicklet stained glass windows… along with the frosted mini wheat roof tiles, and the peppermint stick and gumdrop street lights, and I will never forget the bowls full of Necco wafers.

Decorating gingerbread houses is endless fun no matter how old you are. And every year, I still find a way to keep the tradition going. This year, Tita and I invested the big bucks in a Trader Joe’s pre-made German house. 

A whole $7.99!

The past few years I have used cheap pre-made kits, so this wasn’t anything new. It cuts down on time, and there is no worry that your gingerbread won’t bake properly. Trader Joe’s kit was adorable – with the little sugar people, and the fun gummies and other candies – BUT the royal icing required a raw egg white. There was no way I was whipping an egg white – so instead I substituted Wilton Meringue powder. 

I also added a few of my own sprinkles, made a rainbow wreath, and kept the roof simple. 

Now for some seriously adorable ideas for your gingerbread houses! (links can be reached by clicking the image)

including literally the cutest Gingerbread House I have ever seen. 

Russell, Dug, Mr. Frederickson, and all of the beautiful balloons. I can’t stop looking at each of the little details!!!

I’m all about making your Christmas one of a kind by creating traditions all your own, and gingerbread houses are one of the most fun ways to make that happen. 

3 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays: Gingerbread House Edition.

  1. Never mind the purple scrunchy…lets talk about that wallpaper behind you!!!
    What happy Christmas memories though! Thanks….
    Maybe we should create our own when I see you….endless possibilities…..

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