7 Minutes to Heaven… & Handmade Sno Balls.

On a picture I instagramed this morning of my chocolate cupcakes, I think I used the term … redefining waking and baking one cupcake at a time? In my defense I was still half asleep. 🙂 

But seriously – the last two weeks, every morning I have rolled out of bed, PJs still on, hair still a hot mess, just to go straight down to turn on the oven. This morning was suppose to be my first morning of a little R&R, but, I had a tad bit of seperation anxiety from the kitchen. 

I had buttermilk left, and since about the only thing I didn’t make for the party yesterday were chocolate cupcakes, that was just going to have to be where I got my fix. And, let me not forget to mention the unquenchable craving I was having for 7 minute frosting. 

Please tell me you guys have stuck your finger in a bowl of this stuff at least once in your life?

It is a frosting that defines the word divine. It’s like marshmallow fluff, except totally not. It’s so much better, and has a flavor I just can’t explain.

click, print!

It is literally seven minutes to heaven… and after getting a spoonful of this stuff, your lips will be super sweet 🙂 

This recipe, plus my chocolate cinnamon cupcake recipe, are the perfect match. And all it takes is an hour and a half, a sauce pan, and two bowls, to have dessert on the table.  

click, print!

But see those little cuties in the corner of the picture?

That is where I really had my fun today. I decided to make some homemade Sno Balls, like the hot pink Hostess kind, except without the crap and chemicals. It is Christmas time, right?! If it isn’t going to actually snow, I might as well pretend. 

Want to make them too? It’s a cinch. 

With the hot cupcake not more than 10 minutes out of the oven, remove all of the crusty topping, and then the wrapper. 

Using clean, dry hands, form the cupcakes into a tight ball. 

Finally, using your hands on a lollipop stick, and some of the 7 minute frosting slightly colored pink, coat the outside of each cake ball, and then roll them around in about 1/4 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut. 

The seven minute frosting is sticky at first, but after you let the Sno Balls sit on their plate for about 20 minutes, the outside becomes a bit firmer and easier to handle. 

… they are so much fun. 

Especially on a holiday table. The pink is what makes them Hostess, but any color will do. Try red, or just keep them white! 

I can’t get enough!

… and hell, I don’t even like coconut all that much.. nor have I ever had a real sno ball … I just remember watching the Hot Chick and salivating over them when Anna Faris’ character would eat them. The only reason why I remember ANY of that, is because, fun fact, the Hot Chick was the movie I saw on my first ever date in 7th grade. (o.m.g. awwkward).

Anyway. It’s a quick and easy treat to try this time of year, and maybe just maybe, if enough of us make them, maybe we will have a white christmas this year?


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