’11 Holiday Gifties. To: The Cool Dad.


Your Kid who frequently gets embarassed but loves you all the same. 

1. Soft Wash Slim Fit Gingham Shirt ($59.50) @Banana Republic     2. Beardo Hats ($35.00) @Busted Tees     3. Fabric Knot Cufflinks ($12.00) @J.Crew     4. Personalized Grilling Gloves ($29.95) @Grillinggifts.com     5. Ulimate Brushless Shave Cream – White Eagle ($19.00) @Kiehls     6. Ugg Ascot Wool Slipper ($99.95) @Nordstrom     7. Spitfire MX3 Reader ($35.00) @Urban Outfitters     8. Old School Calculator iPhone Case ($11.99) @Perpetual Kid     9. Zevro Dual Dry Food Dispenser ($44.00) @Amazon.com     10. Stereo Art Print ($15.00) @Urban Print Shop     11.The Beau Men’s Citrine Collection ($24.00) @The Belle and The Beau Etsy Shop     12. Vintage Selvedge Chambray Utility Shirt ($98.00) @J.Crew

So, I have “The Cool Dad”…. actually he really is cool, and I love him to pieces. This year, we aren’t doing gifts in my family (if we can all stick by that promise we made of course, not spending money is harder than we thought.)- but if we were a combination of some of these fun finds would definitely put a smile on his face. All under $100.00, what’s the harm in making the cool dad, just a little bit cooler?

Countdown to Christmas Eve. 

7 Days

Get to gifting darlings! … Online shoppers have till the 20th to press buy and still guarantee that their gift gets to the lucky one’s door by Christmas! 

La di daaa 

… time to watch the few snowflakes fall outside my window!

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