Christmas Clicks!

I couldn’t avoid the unavoidable with that title. Alliterations are my life. I use them whenever possible, and seem to find men that have alliterations for names all too frequently 😉 Anyyyyyway… I have been looking forward to my Christmas Clicks post for the last few weeks now… collecting little bookmarks of fun here and there. However, last night’s find sealed the deal. 

I am not even going to make you click a link. I had to post the video front and center because it is AHmazing. 

And with that, I applaude Apple’s sheer genius again and say ’tis the season for my favorite festive internet clicks. 

A Modern Christmas Partay

Press Play. You’ll love it. Promise.

Want to throw the coolest Holiday/NYE party, ever? THIS.

A Secret Santa, in the most generous way

Never run out of wrapping paper, ever again. 

These people must not sleep for a month. 

Leave a bowl of thisss for Santa. 

Your sugar cookie headquarters. 

Why not buy the ultimate holiday house?

Honestly, with the Angry Birds obsession.

Separation Anxiety – Elf on the Shelf style. 

Track if you believe!

…..and for those of you that still need a little nudge into the Christmas spirit. 

Aly’s Christmasy PinBoard

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