Homemade Holidays: Pizzelle Cannoli Shells.

Sooo…. I think it’s time to be a wee bit different. 

I love a good sugar cookies, and those addictive thumbprint PB things that everyone makes around this time of year? Oy my waistline. 

But, I think I have a new crowd pleaser for ya… A Pizzelle Cannoli Shell. 

want the recipe? after the jump!

click, print!

Before starting this recipe, make sure you have a cannoli form or some type of round dowel (… a broom stick works perfectly.. like they used to do it in the old world) to wrap the hot pizzelles around. As soon as you remove them from the iron, you have to immediately shape them. And hold them in the shape until they cool off a bit…

This recipe is so simple, quick, and truly a great alternative for those of you that love Cannolis, but never feel like you have the time to make them! 

… Especially because there is no frying involved. I love that you can add so many different extracts, or even anise seeds to the pizzelle batter. It’s a versatile dessert because real ricotta based cannoli cream would go beautifully with any flavor, which leaves you with a bunch of great options. 

And the other great part – unlike some holiday season desserts – this recipe could be made at any time of the year. 

In a few days, I will post the final filled product. 

Mini chocolate chips speckling the filling and all…..


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