Crumbs & Leftovers.

You can always count on the memories to hang behind while all the other cookie crumbs and crumpled up wrapping paper scamper into the trash.

There is very little like the days after Christmas. Weird feeling right? The tree still twinkles and there could be a few gifts left wrapped up – stragglers for the friends and family you haven’t seen quite yet. But, even as you relax and try to work off (or continue to feed) the food baby, that sad, empty, Christmas is over feeling is still hanging around.

But that’s what the memories are for.

This year, I cooked Christmas Eve dinner for the family. I decided to make everything, from bread to dessert from scratch. That up there? The makings of homemade olive bread. My pregnant lady cravings for olives are definitely to blame for that. 

Two kinds of lasagna. Some steamed vegg. My crispy fried calamari. A fresh arugula and greens salad with beets & pine nuts….. And really bad lighting too… all made their way to the table. 

And what is Christmas eve without Santa’s cookies?

Cinnamon spritz cookie wreaths, and a bazillion gingerbread men. Chocolate drizzled florentines, and almond pizzelle.

My little boy was eyeing them up. (… and eating them up too. just, a bite 🙂 )

And on Christmas day I had to leave his adorable face. More like I tried really hard to – he decided to run thru the electric gate before it closed, after my car. Want a textbook definition of separation anxiety? The two of us can help you out.

Mama’s house was the destination.

More to eat. More family to see. 

Porcini mushrooms from Italy and fresh papardelle. Big bowls of fresh sauce with meatballs and sausage. Roast pork. Creamed spinach…. And even more delicious desserts. 

Like the Pizzelle Cannoli!!!! 

Dipped in chocolate and completed with a ricotta cheese filling that was jazzed up with a hint of limoncello. See ya later cannolis, these are definitely my new favorite things.


So take some inventory of your holiday. Write down the memories. Print out the photographs. 

You never know when you might need them…



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