365 Days Ago.

The blankets against my skin were a soft fleece material, thin but substantial, with a deep mustard  and white pattern. They scattered their way across two beds, pushed right up against one another – an L shape – and the cheapest (and comfiest) couch there could be. The bright off-white paint on the walls bounced light around, and at the time they were left blank and inspiring. A desk was setup and tucked into the corner sat a crystal table lamp, that perplexes you with its intricacies if you look at long enough. A wicker chair, nestled under the desk tried desperately tried to reel me in – but the cheap makeshift couch was much more enticing.

There I sat, computer propped upon my knees. Some version of classical music was creating background noise  and although I can’t 100% guarantee this, I am pretty sure I was dreading another day of work in the morning.

That was the scene a year ago. It was cozy and warm, although most of my memories from the evening are those of discontent – hence sitting in a room with just my thoughts.

I promised myself on that day that I was going to write, every day, until my fingers fell off…. write so that I ended up doing something that was better than anything I had done before.

365 days ago, I made that commitment and I saw it through, and for that, I am proud. I still have my fingers, but I also have over 200 days of my writing documented, and memories and accomplishments that I would have never even fathomed experiencing, all to call my own.

One of this life’s most beautiful qualities is the surprise that each day brings, over and over, each and every day. There is no predicting what may come our way the moment our eyes open.

It could be a person. An opportunity. A thought. And it could change your life as you know it.

365 days ago, on a quiet night, I wrote down a thought. In less than 500 words I made a promise to myself that changed my life, in a very scary and real way. I showed myself how easy it was to open a door to endless opportunity to do what I love, as long as I work really hard.

So because of that thought, the promises of 2012 seem endless. I feel blessed, but overwhelmed, and excited but also a little intimidated, mostly because, what next? 

2011 was as wonderful as it was tough. There have been moments where I have felt like this wasn’t my life, both in positive and negative ways, but overall I am proud of what I have created and I am proud to be doing it all on my own. Today, independence is hard to come by.

2011 was also quite unplanned. With gumption and a lot of moving and shaking, I hope to follow through with a few actual plans this year. Occupying prime real estate in my mind, a business and upgrades to the site. 

I want to grow in knowledge, confidence, success, and love. 

And without the support from so many of you, none of that would be possible. So Thank YOU ALL for this year. It hope that this little piece of me has brought you some sweetness in your lives when you have needed it. 

To a 2012 full of dreams come true.  


One thought on “365 Days Ago.

  1. Aly, I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you’ve posted so consistently, creatively and, often, so insightfully in 2011. It’s shocking to realize it’s been but a year. Congratulations on achieving a very, very impressive milestone. I love the intention you set for 2012 and your kind wishes for your readers. May the strength of your commitment and openness transform your wishes into your new reality in 2012. Thanks so much for all the quality reading, recipes, perspectives, photos and entertainment! Xoxox, v.

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