Two Thousand Eleven Instagrammed.

aka: the year an iPhone changed all of our lives. (don’t deny it Bberry and Droid kids, you know you want one too).

Markets to Cities …. Photo shoots to Dinner Plates … Sunrises to Sunsets … Babies to more babies … Holidays to High Heels …. Puppy to even more Puppy … Landscapes to little gems … Family to Friends. 

Looking at it this way, 2011 was nothing but beautiful!

… thanks to those who made all of these clicks possible. You know who you are. The wait don’t eat that, hold on stop walking, one second I need to instagram this loves of my life. You know you love meeee tooooo!




4 thoughts on “Two Thousand Eleven Instagrammed.

  1. Although I’m stuck in gloomy Rochester, NY right now these pictures gave me such warmth! I am so glad to have met such an inspirational friend who does exactly what she dreams! Have a Happy New Year ❤

    • You are such a beautiful wonderful friend! I am glad I can inspire – just like you put on a smile on my face! xox to many more years of sharing our exciting lives with each other xoxoxo Happy New Year!

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