What’s cooking at GtoG…

Yup. It’s happening. GtoG unfortunately has G2G 😦 .  When I claimed the URL, I was a junior/senior in college – the ambiguous final year on the 3 year plan. I was in fact a “graduate” or soon to be one. But somehow, slowly and quietly, the name has started to escape who I am. I guess that’s natural as graduation has come and gone, yet its something that I didn’t even think to consider. 

So, like your favorite sweater – from 2004 – it’s time to donate my domain name back into the infinity that is domain dreamland. 

That’s where I have been hanging out lately… dreaming of different entities for my little babe (don’t worry, you will love it). And whether you are only an occassional reader, or one of my die hard fans, there will be a way to refer you from this site to the new one (until you have the new address figured out). 

And naturally, with a name change, comes a bit of a content change. 

There will still be food, and plenty of it… there is no way I would ever reconsider sharing that side of me. But, like you may have noticed in many of my December posts – and here and there throughout the year – there are other things I enjoy just as much as cooking and baking, and it is going to be so much more fun sharing them all in one place. From DIYing to fashion finds, decorating tips to photography advice, there will be a little something for everyone. 

Check out some of my favorite bloggers to see what kind of flavor I am chasing.

and of course… stay tuned for the big reveal in the next couple of weeks!

101 Cookbooks

A Beautiful Mess

Fifi Cheek

more after the jump!

Foodie Crush

Joy the Baker

A Cup of Jo

The Color Issue


The Boogie Blog

My Cup of Te


Design Sponge

White on Rice Couple

The Daybook Blog

Young House Love

… I am going to stop with that one. I could probably going on for a month’s worth of posts about all of my favorites however, look at these take a sprinke from one and a dash from another and somewhere in that mix is me.

I can’t wait… Something, totally refreshing and fun!




2 thoughts on “What’s cooking at GtoG…

  1. Good luck, G2G girl! We’ll follow you, you know we will…and we wish you tons of luck in and success with your next step. xoxox, V.

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