Easter Basket Accessorizing

By now, and maybbbbe I am a little ahead of myself to say this, but I hope everyone has their easter basket swag stashed away in the pantry for the kiddies this Sunday. I am playing Easter bunny a little early this year, and gifting my baskets to my kiddies a before the week is over. A little pre game sugar high before the big hunt….

This year, I decided I wanted to jazz up the baskets a little bit using my favorite tool, my fringe scissors. Really, they are for destroying receipts “for identity protection”, but that’s what a shredder is for in my house. I picked up my pair at The Container Store, but I think Martha might have a variety in her crafting collection.

For this project you will need.

Colorful paper (heavy stock, or not… wharves. I used origami paper)

Hot glue gun

Fringe Scissors

Regular scissors

Easter basket and goodies

Aren’t they fun looking scissors. I could probably come up with a million projects using them, but I have held back 🙂

Start by either cutting your paper into strips and then fringing the edge of the strip, or just fringe the length of the paper. Make sure you leave edge enough intact to allow space for the hot glue to adhere.

Don’t worry about even spacing, the more varied the better the look sometimes.

After cutting each strip, hot glue it to the outside of the basket. For extra effect, I suggest glueing fringe on the inside and the outside of the basket edge.

It’s a quick process, especially if you cut your fringe lengths in advance, and glue all at once.

To add some extra fun to the basket, cut different color scraps and add them to fluff up the basket. Instead of the regular filler, which usually isn’t very eco-friendly, the paper is a great and earth friendly alternative for basket stuffing!

To give the fringe a more realistic look, take your regular scissors and zig zag along the edges… and ta da! the finished look!

And don’t forget to tag up each basket! I printed my tags out on card stock and used decorative scissors to cut them out.

A little Easter gift from me to you….

try this fun youtube video to learn how to tie the perfect bow!


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