Adventure is Out There.

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When making promises to yourself, keep them.

When you promise to go on an adventure, really go. Let nothing hold you back.

My little kiddies refer to the movie I lovingly quote in the title of this post as, “doggies and balloons” … us big kids? we are more fond of just calling it, “Up”. No matter how many times I have watched the movie (more than my two hands can keep track of), the thrill of exploring and making a promise to see the world never becomes any less tickling.

Paris in the Fall is a promise my roommate and I made to each other our sophomore year in college..

Paris, this fall, as it approaches still feels like a dream.

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(from top to bottom): biking along the grand canal at Versailles. paris in the morning. Waldorf Astoria trianon palace Versailles. boulangerie. Tuileries gardens. home sweet home.



Plan your adventure. Come on, I know you want to.



3 thoughts on “Adventure is Out There.

  1. Bon jour! I too am glad to see you warming up your “pen”… and I look forward to the many wonderful stories to follow about your trip!!! mamma

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