Adventure is Out There.

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When making promises to yourself, keep them.

When you promise to go on an adventure, really go. Let nothing hold you back.

My little kiddies refer to the movie I lovingly quote in the title of this post as, “doggies and balloons” … us big kids? we are more fond of just calling it, “Up”. No matter how many times I have watched the movie (more than my two hands can keep track of), the thrill of exploring and making a promise to see the world never becomes any less tickling.

Paris in the Fall is a promise my roommate and I made to each other our sophomore year in college..

Paris, this fall, as it approaches still feels like a dream.

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(from top to bottom): biking along the grand canal at Versailles. paris in the morning. Waldorf Astoria trianon palace Versailles. boulangerie. Tuileries gardens. home sweet home.



Plan your adventure. Come on, I know you want to.



How to Host a Simple Family Dinner.

Cross your fingers for a sunshiney afternoon.

Arrange a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in bright colors.

Cook a stick to their bones kind of meal.

(pasta bolognese, a fresh green salad, hot oven baked rolls with butter)

Serve that dessert they never get sick of.

Easter was such a treat this year. It was simple, but indulgent, with weather to compliment the mood. I was so happy to have found endless bouquets of ranunculus when I went to the market to buy flowers on Friday. They are my absolute favorites this time of season, and a great accessory to any table with their deep variety of colors. In an attempt to take the guessing out of the meal, we went with the family favorite. Like I said, want to host a seamless feast, just go with the favorites… sometimes simple is the best policy.

Just of a few of my favorite instagrammys from the day.. @thefreshissue


Framing Your Favorite Things.

There are a lot of ways to add a personal touch to your walls, my favorite way is finding illustrations of your favorite things, favorite quotes in great typography, or of course images that make your heart go pitter patter!

Lately I have become totally obsessed with sketching using my new Bamboo illustrator tablet.

So obsessed that I couldn’t help but share some of the original art work I have drawn up for my wall of frames in my office.

Totally stinkin smitten.  *dreaming up a little etsy shop*

Stay tuned for a fun “How To” on putting together a framed piece of artwork that is guaranteed to add pizzaz and pops of color to your walls!


Easter Basket Accessorizing

By now, and maybbbbe I am a little ahead of myself to say this, but I hope everyone has their easter basket swag stashed away in the pantry for the kiddies this Sunday. I am playing Easter bunny a little early this year, and gifting my baskets to my kiddies a before the week is over. A little pre game sugar high before the big hunt….

This year, I decided I wanted to jazz up the baskets a little bit using my favorite tool, my fringe scissors. Really, they are for destroying receipts “for identity protection”, but that’s what a shredder is for in my house. I picked up my pair at The Container Store, but I think Martha might have a variety in her crafting collection.

For this project you will need.

Colorful paper (heavy stock, or not… wharves. I used origami paper)

Hot glue gun

Fringe Scissors

Regular scissors

Easter basket and goodies

Aren’t they fun looking scissors. I could probably come up with a million projects using them, but I have held back 🙂

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We’ve been busy!

Every girl needs a proper creative space, don’t you think? 

Without further adieu, a little peek into the makings of our new office, craft room, photography studio, prop closet.

and where The Fresh Issue will be published from from now on!

We have so much more to do, and oh so much more to share! I mean, it has been a while….

(we’re baaaack chickies!)

What’s cooking at GtoG…

Yup. It’s happening. GtoG unfortunately has G2G 😦 .  When I claimed the URL, I was a junior/senior in college – the ambiguous final year on the 3 year plan. I was in fact a “graduate” or soon to be one. But somehow, slowly and quietly, the name has started to escape who I am. I guess that’s natural as graduation has come and gone, yet its something that I didn’t even think to consider. 

So, like your favorite sweater – from 2004 – it’s time to donate my domain name back into the infinity that is domain dreamland. 

That’s where I have been hanging out lately… dreaming of different entities for my little babe (don’t worry, you will love it). And whether you are only an occassional reader, or one of my die hard fans, there will be a way to refer you from this site to the new one (until you have the new address figured out). 

And naturally, with a name change, comes a bit of a content change. 

There will still be food, and plenty of it… there is no way I would ever reconsider sharing that side of me. But, like you may have noticed in many of my December posts – and here and there throughout the year – there are other things I enjoy just as much as cooking and baking, and it is going to be so much more fun sharing them all in one place. From DIYing to fashion finds, decorating tips to photography advice, there will be a little something for everyone. 

Check out some of my favorite bloggers to see what kind of flavor I am chasing.

and of course… stay tuned for the big reveal in the next couple of weeks!

101 Cookbooks

A Beautiful Mess

Fifi Cheek

more after the jump!

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Two Thousand Eleven Instagrammed.

aka: the year an iPhone changed all of our lives. (don’t deny it Bberry and Droid kids, you know you want one too).

Markets to Cities …. Photo shoots to Dinner Plates … Sunrises to Sunsets … Babies to more babies … Holidays to High Heels …. Puppy to even more Puppy … Landscapes to little gems … Family to Friends. 

Looking at it this way, 2011 was nothing but beautiful!

… thanks to those who made all of these clicks possible. You know who you are. The wait don’t eat that, hold on stop walking, one second I need to instagram this loves of my life. You know you love meeee tooooo!




Make Your Own 2012 Calendar!

One of the first blogs I ever had the pleasure of reading was Young House Love. I came upon it looking for some kind of DIY house project (I think?) and if these two aren’t one of the rulers of that kingdom, then I am not sure who is. An adorable couple, with an adorable little girl, and a house which we all get to watch them transform. It sounds simple, but sometimes simple is just what you need to be awesome. 

This year, I really loved the template they posted for their 2012 calendar. It’s a DIY kind of deal, you just download the file. 

They used B&W images, but I thought it also looked pretty neat matching it with some of my images of complimentary colors!

What do you think? … Want to join in the fun?

Visit YHL love HERE and download the file!