Peanut Butter & Jelly Revisted.

In 2nd grade my mom made me a PB&J sandwich every single day to take to school. I will never forget that. Unfortunately said sandwich usually lost the daily battle with my smushy lunch box. Either there was jelly all over the bag every time I opened it, or there was the dreaded purple circle imprinted in the middle of the bread… I know you all know what I’m talking about. My question is why didn’t I ask for something else? I was such a pain in the neck elementary school kid… my parents might say something things will never change (he he). Anyway, it took me a while to be able to enjoy PB&J after that. At 22 years old, I am pretty sure I have outgrown that student staple sandwich, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found other ways to enjoy the classic flavor combination.

Last night I put together a batch of PB&J cupcakes… and also a small batch of yellow cake cupcakes.

You would think that is what I am most excited to share with you, but actually… I am MORE excited to share with you all that I used to make these beauties.

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Strawberry Crumbley Parfait.

For those of you that have sworn of dessert for lent, I give you your oasis…

Just think of this as breakfast (and eat it after dinner!).

In true “Spring Cleaning, Clean Eating” fashion, these past few weeks have involved a lot of research through all my healthy lifestyle books scattered around my room. One of my favorites go-to reads is “The Probiotics Revolution” by Gary B. Huffnagle, Ph.D. He provides quality insight into how consuming a certain balance of probiotics and prebiotics can help your body manage any issue from allergies to immune system disorders, or even just plain old eczema.

Today I am not eating to solve any ailment, thank goodness, but I am eating to take care of myself.

Amongst advice and information are scattered recipes. Crafted by the Dr. is the ultimate recipe for a complete, yet indulgent, way to enjoy the beautiful fresh fruits and berries that are slowly trickling into the produce department. He calls it Fresh Fruit Crunch.

I prefer to think of it as the Strawberry Crumbley Parfait.

Print and Dig In!


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Sprin(G)rad) In(T)o) Cleanin(G)ourmet).

It takes a certain kind of person to eat duck fat fried potatoes, handmade pastas, and red velvet everything on a daily basis.

I admire that person. I also am not sure how that person does not have heart failure walking up a flight of stairs.

I love food, yet there are moments when I have to remind myself that it is probably best to love your health just a teensy bit more. As much as I aspire to be the person with the iron clad metabolism and the endless Mary Poppins carpetbag for a stomach, my body is quite revolutionary and would throw up an armed protest if I attempted to play that role….

Spring has sprung and so must I .

I find that Spring is the perfect time to promise yourself a more steadfast conscience when it comes to your kitchen decisions. It is the season when one remembers that yes, there is more than root vegetables and warm comfort food… and settling for hothouse fruits and veggies becomes an overpriced gut rencher of the past. After a season of crop freezes, crappy lettuce, and incredibly expensive produce, I know for sure that I am not the only one that is looking forward to the beautifying of the produce market.

So, for the next few weeks, if you need to find me I am stage left with a daily fresh fruit smoothie, my issue of Whole Living, the broom to brush cob webs off of my running shoes, and a very adorable dog that smells sunshine and waits by the door every afternoon begging for what can amount to, oh just a half marathon through the Main Line.

The new GtoG mantra?

Spring Cleaning. Clean Eating… and of course

All things in moderation.


Mexican Scrambled Egg Whites.

After a night of culinary debauchery, it is only right to wake up in the morning and apologize to your body with a little detox.

They say the best way to cure a hangover is to keep drinking….. well the best way to cure a night of eating too much, is to keep eating, but eat healthy!

Spending time with one of my very good friends last night she gave me the great idea to change up  my usual egg white omelete and throw a little something different into the mix…  

Mexican Scrambled Egg Whites

3 egg whites

2 teaspoons water (or orange juice)

1 heaping tablespoon of salsa

1 handful of spinach

Dash of salt

Get your eggs seperated and in a small bowl. Add the water, or if you like orange juice, a little taste of that, and whisk them for a minute or so! That extra liquid will make for fluffier eggs…

Next, saute your spinach so that it is wilted… You can do that in a pan with a coating of olive oil spray if you wish. I think any spray like that is an awesome healthy alternative to getting your veggies properly cooked. Then get your eggs into the  mix and scramble them up!

Top it off with a heaping serving of salsa …

One of my favorite brands… find it at Whole Foods.
…and you have an awesome breakfast ready for you! Well balanced, full of protein and nutrients, and of course a serving of vegetables to start the day.

If you want, put a dash of salt over top and toast yourself a piece of healthy whole grain bread to eat it with. Perfect way to get over the pasta and meat binge from the night before…

My favorite whole grain bread! High fiber, low calories, full of grains