Easy Slow Oven Tomatoes.

 A quick little mid-day recipe for all my readers. 

Since we are at the peak of tomato season – jersey tomato season for me!! – I wanted to share this not so quick, but oh so easy recipe for slow oven tomatoes.

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 275 degrees.

Step 2: Slice your tomatoes horizontally  and place them sliced side up in a baking dish

Step 3: Brush each tomato with olive oil. I used basil oil (Mmmmmmmmm!!mmmmm)

Step 4: Add a sprinkling of sea salt

Step 5: Place into your preheated oven for three hours. Once hour 3 is up, turn off the oven and let them sit in there for another hour.

Out come these beauties:

You can put these slices on anything from a salad to a sandwich. On this week’s dinner menu are chicken sandwiches – how delicious would these be with a bit of pesto dousing the bread?! … They keep for a week for you can enjoy them endlessly!

(Thanks again to Gwyneth Paltrow and her book, my father’s daughter. If you haven’t checked out the cookbook yet, you should. It’s truly wonderful and full of some really healthy options, and some really creative ones as well)

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Christening the Kitch!

Good Morning Ladies and Gents!

It has been a ghost town around town this week. Lucky for me, I picked the emptiest week to MOVE INTO MY NEW PLACE. It has been a week since the first box hit the carpet, and Court and I really love it. The apartment has great energy and it’s so peaceful – just what the two of us needed.

It also has, a great kitchen. The appliances are all brand new, the fridge is so nice and cold that my hummus froze yesterday (a little frustrating when I tried to dip a carrot into it).

This weekend I plan on really breaking the kitchen in. I have all weekend and Monday off (lucky me!) and as you can tell by my silence- I haven’t really had a chance to cook or eat normal meals in a few weeks.  So, needless to say I’m will be putting the free time to good use.

On the menu this weekend:

Fish Tacos.

Saveur Magazine sent me an email about a recipe on Monday, and as if I wasn’t already craving them (summer brings out my inner hispanic girl), that made the cravings worse. They use red snapper and a beer batter… I might adapt that a little bit.

Check out the recipe!

I only wish I had the time to make my own corn tortillas!

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Patience and a Great Scale. Tartine Bread: Day 5.

I am not sure what was worse… the appearance or the smell as soon as I unveiled my starter after the first two days of rest.

By the end of this whole experience I anticipate that my bread will be named and will have a permanent place in my family. Right now it is living in the office, in the deep dark cold corner, tucked in nicely with a kitchen towel…

Anyway, clearly something was working because it was all quite stunning.

It’s fun to look forward to feeding it every day! 4pm is the magical hour.

You remove all but 75 grams of what is in the bowl and throw it away, and then “feed” it 100 grams of 78 degree water, and 150 grams of the flour blend that was made and ziploc bagged on the first day. On the bag I put a tick mark with each day that passes just to be precise…

I love the reward of slow and steady progress, but really without patience and a good scale, this loaf would absolutely cease to ever exist.

Find me in a Foodie Fantasyland.


I tuck myself into bed tonight with my new favorite foodie memoir…

My Life from Scratch – A Sweet Journey of Starting Over, One Cake At A Time

By, Gesine Bullock – Prado

With the turning of each page of this memoir I become more and more in awe the ease of voice evident through Gesine’s writing. If I were to begin my book today, it would be through gracious inspiration derived from this memoir of all things sweet and sensuous… The details she notices throughout her life, the way she marks her emotion and feelings, and her ability to make your mouth water as you delve deeper and deeper into becoming her biggest fan is what I myself aspire to be able to do to my audience one day. Not only does she recount the steps it took to make her own bakery possible, but by far one of the most exciting thing about the book are the recipes she divulges randomly throughout the text.

I see myself screaming out from the pages… from my own memories of sneaking oreos from neighbors because just as her mother did, my mom never allowed such transfatty packages of addiction laced with hydrogenated oils into our house, to my now familiar experience wearing what she calls “bakery casual” and enjoying the somber stillness of the world at 5 am as you drive on empty roads to turn on the ovens, prepared to be covered in flour (but as she hilariously notes, it is really only on the last 12 inches of your legs that the apron doesn’t cover).

I will let you discover the rest that this gem has to offer and put your heels over your head in favor of this book on your own.

I just leave you with this passage…. that left me with tingles up my spine:

“To quote a rare human who evolved into a mature being, Ghandi would have told me, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ I didn’t want more stuff. I wanted to be more happy. I wanted to be good. I wanted to stop hating people and start understanding. And the only way I knew how to feel like a good and kind person was through baking.”

Ditto, Gesine.


Something to discuss:

What are your favorite foodie books? Cookbooks, memoirs, or collections of writing… I want to know!

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ThrowDown: Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Where is Bobby Flay when you need him?

In an effort to test just how good my homemade vanilla ice cream is, and having no way to get the throwdown king into my kitchen, I decided upon my second best option…. Hire the pickyest tongue in the entire family and have him be the judge of my carefully crafted dessert.

There is something you must know about this judge first, he only eats one brand and one type of ice cream: Breyer’s Natural Vanilla. That’s all. Not Extra Creamy, not French Vanilla, not Ben and Jerry’s, and certainly not Sugar Free. Is it possible he was overqualified for this?

I mean, if I can get my Uncle John to like a spoonful of this stuff, chalk up a GIANT W for me.

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Something to Share: The Sweet Life in Paris.

Image from simplyrecipes.com


I’ve been, but I was practically a baby. Paris has been calling me for the past couple of years… Maybe it was my camera that started dragging me there, but I think the official winner of the get me there now race, is my stomach.

I was 10 years old. All I remember, except climbing the seemingly billion steps up to Montmarte, or wiggling my way through the packs of adults at the Musee D’Orsay, or hearing real Parisians be rude (sorry.), was one of the most delicious 5 days of my life. Chocolat chaud flowing in an endless stream, croissants on each corner, pane au chocolat on crusty and delicious baguettes, and some of the most memorable restaurants and shopping windows a little awkward 5th grader had ever seen.

David Lebovtiz, I am counting on you, my idol food blogger and pastry chef, to take me there without me even attempting to pack a bag.

Amazon says the book will arrive at my gate in 3-5 days. Anticipation!!!!! Should I prepare some coq au vin and buy a baguette for dinner the night it comes? Peut-etre…

I even paid for the book with my American Express points (just like I would if I bought a plane ticket). Once it arrives, I am strapping myself  into my seat, and taking the journey (or pretending to) to Paris that I’ve been plotting to take. One day soon I will embark on my own sweet journey, but for now, I wait for my journey through Mr. Lebovitz’s account of a city made for love, and more importantly, food.

Scroll down to my links section, to find a way to read David’s blog.